There are plenty of dining options at UVM, some of which are better than others. Here are my tips to make the most of your dining experience on campus. 

Harris-Millis Dining Hall (aka "The Grundle")

First, don't ask why it's called "The Grundle," and don't Google what a Grundle is in front of your parents. The Grund is truly an emblematic piece of UVM's counterculture (very high students wearing PJs 24/7 and drinking kombucha like it's water) sterotype. It's grungy, gross, and not a place that anyone ever wants to spend time in. Unless of course you're drunk off your behind and had quite the bender the night before. 

Do: Late Night Grundle with your friends. It's nug night at least once a week, which makes for a good time if you've spent too much time studying in your dorm and just need to relax. 

Don't: Piss off the dude at the omlette station on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He has enough going on. Oh, and don't eat the garlic bread. Or the burgers. Or really much of anything. I'm convinced I got food poisoning from eating something at the Grundle on multiple occasions. 

Simpson Dining Hall 

Do: Simpson, in my mind, is the best dining hall on campus. Brunch on the weekends? Always a stellar option. The kiosks to place an order for super fancy [college] food? Great. The staff? Really down to Earth. And the fact that the waffle irons are ALWAYS out? Make an ice-cream sandwich with waffle slices. Seriously, I would walk across campus to eat at this dining hall- even in sub-zero temps! 

Don't: Load up on any one food. Simpson gives you a medley of all different options, so don't be afraid to branch out. Also, don't be super loud with your group of 20 friends at one of the big tables! 

Central Campus Dining Hall 

Do: Say "hi" to Walter, who works at the swipe station in the front of the dining hall. Also, try those vegan chocolate bean cookies! 

Don't: Go to Central between noon and 2ish during the week. The line stretches to the road sometimes. Also, don't set your expectations high. The food here isn't that great. 

Northside Dining

Do: Take it for what it is. If you have the absolute pleasure (sarcastic) of living on the Back Five, at least you have the option to avoid a twenty minute walk for breakfast. 

Don't: Make a special trip to Trinity for to eat here. I mean it. 

Henderson's Cafe

Do: Smile and thank Gordy & Alex (and any of the student employees) every time you get your coffee. They work so hard at what they do; the least you can do is acknowledge them. If you're planning on staying in the cafe, you can also order your coffee in a mug (or bring your own) to help cut down on waste. 

Don't: Don't you dare order a complex coffee with two pumps of this and three of that, especially when the line is out the door for people who just need a coffee refill on the way to BCOR. Also, don't be a crappy person and hog the tables for too long. If you're waiting for a meeting or a friend, that's fine. But, there are some people trying to find a quiet space to get work done that's not the library. 

Cyber Cafe

Do: Order your coffee and get out. The Cyber Cafe is just an efficient pit stop on your way to get work done. If you just need a Speeder & Earl's before class without anything complicated, that's your ticket. 

Don't: Feel bad when the people behind the counter yell at you for filling your non-Cyber Cafe coffee with almond milk at the creamer station. It's Sodexo- they have more money than they know what to do with so a little splash of almond milk won't kill anyone. 

Given Bistro

Do: Bring your coffee and study in the medical library! I think it's one of the most peaceful spots on campus, whether you're a medical student or not. 

Don't: Hang around the front, chat with your friends in line, or really do anything to slow down the process. I'm just trying to get my coffee before my lecture. 

Campus Perk

Do: Again, efficiency is the name of the game. Coffee and get out. 

Don't: Waste your money or points on those little beef jerky things near the counter. They're just a way for Sodexo to get you to spend a little more money than you need to. For me, Campus Perk is an emergency coffee pit-stop rather than a place I'd go out-of-my-way to get food from. 

The Marketplace

Do: Take advantage of the $1 coffee (hot or iced) on Wednesdays. Can we say, best day of the week?? 

Don't: Eat the sushi. It might look good packaged, but it's probably been sitting out for a couple hours. Also don't hang around inside the Marketplace debating on what you want (especially if it's lunchtime and there's someone filtering in how many people can enter); it's super busy during the transition times on campus. Get what you need and move on. 


Do: Order ahead via the dining app, if you can. Brennan's can get super busy during the lunch rush, so it's best to order ahead and get your food to-go. Also, take advantage of the free popcorn! 

Don't: Order the veggie macro bowl. I did it once and it was such a let-down. Instead, I recommend the black bean wrap with cumin-roasted sweet potatoes. Add avocado to make it even better! 

New World

Do: This is another place you're going to want to order ahead whenever possible- even if you think there can't possibly be a line. As far as what to order, I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the wraps or the burritos. Oh, and if you ask really nicely, they might put guacamole on your burrito. But ask VERY nicely. 

Don't: Audibly groan when the line is out the door of the Marketplace. We're all trying to get out lunch and get out. After all, they say the best things in life take time. Your impatience won't make them go any faster. 

Green Roof Deli

Do: Order ahead. 

Don't: Stop in if you expect a "quick sandwich." Maybe it's just me, but every time I've gone to the GRD, it's taken at least ten minutes for them to finish my sandwich. 


Do: Order from Sprout: the vegan/veg station. Their bowls are super yummy and 100% vegan! Also, hold on to those punch cards for the salad and bagel station; they can help you get free food! 

Don't: Expect too much- especially at breakfast. The oatmeal is either really watery or really dry, the smoothie bar is usually closed, and the bagels taste like just big bread. 

Skinny Pancake

Do: Try their rotating bagel flavors (especially the Cinnamon Sugar with maple cream cheese) and their poutine. Although Skinny P is known for their crepes, their non-crepe options are so much better. 

Don't: Order the vegan crepes. They're chalky, rubbery, and not worth your valuable points.