It all started when my boyfriend had a craving for a delicious, high quality piece of cake. As he usually does, he looked on Google for the best bakeries in Miami, and Fireman Derek's Bake Shop popped up immediately. We read the incredible reviews and were delighted by the pictures of the cakes the bakery posts on their Instagram account, @fdpies. Then, it only took us just a little reading of the background behind the bake shop to convince us to go enjoy a piece of cake here.


Derek Kaplan, the co-owner of the business, was a firefighter at a station in Miami. However, his passion had always been baking pies and other delicious baked goods. He used to bake key lime pies in high school and would sell them to make some money.

After becoming a firefighter, he started to sell his pies to balance out his income, and this is when he decided to make his wildest dream come true. He opened up Fireman Derek's Bakery in Wynwood with the help of his partner, Kimberly Murdock, and the rest is history.

When we were on our way, I originally thought this place wasn't going to be much, and wasn't expecting anything too fancy. But when I opened the door and saw the variety of delicious cakes and pies on the counter, I felt immense regret for making that comment. And, shortly after we had chosen a spot to sit, a line that extended out of the shop formed, filled with people waiting to come in! 

I was thrilled by the variety of sweets they had...I literally had no idea what to pick because I wanted to try everything! But, since I am a die-hard s'mores fan, I decided to choose the s'mores brownie, which can be seen below.

It was so decadent! The brownie was chewy, and the melted marshmallow on the top gave it a very good touch. Just know, everything here is super sweet. So, my friends that can tolerate very sweet things without getting tired, this is your kind of treat, and it can be found in Fireman Derek's bakery.

My boyfriend's huge craving for a big, yummy piece of cake was completely fulfilled with a piece of their red velvet cake! He didn't doubt choosing it for a second when given the option.

The cake was delicious, but of course he wanted to try more things. He ordered a chicken pot pie, in which initially, I didn't really think was going to be that good. I was completely wrong! It was incredible; it's the best chicken pot pie I have ever tried in my life. The dough was perfect, crunchy but smooth, and super flavorful all at the same time. The filling was also incredible: there was lots of it, and it added the perfect balance of flavor. The chicken pot pie is official a must if you visit Fireman Derek's Bakery!

Going to Fireman Derek's will not only be a delight because of all the delicious baked goods they have, but it'll make you feel great to support a local business that has an inspirational story behind it. Fireman Derek was willing to thrive, and was able to make his dreams come true with just a little determination and hard work. 

You can visit Fireman Derek at 2818 North Miami Ave, 33127, and can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.