Glazed and Infused Doughnuts has been at the center of Chicago's designer doughnut scene for the last several years. From their Maple Glazed Long John to their award-winning Red Velvet Doughnut, it's no surprise as to why Glazed and Infused has been a Chicago favorite. People from across the country know Glazed and Infused to be the place to get unique, high-quality doughnuts in the Windy City. But the day after Christmas of 2017, the chain announced that it was suddenly closing all of its locations by the new year. The news shocked Midwestern foodies and self-proclaimed doughnut connoisseurs (like myself). How could such a popular place shut down so immediately and without warning? Here, we remember and reflect on some of Glazed and Infused's best doughnuts.

Doughnut History

In 2012, co-founder of Francesca's Restaurants, Scott Harris, started Glazed and Infused as a counter and walk-up window service in one of his Wicker Park restaurants. The designer doughnuts offered customers an alternative to national doughnut chains. As popularity boomed, the flagship location in Fulton Market ended up making more than 8,000 doughnuts daily for five locations in the Chicagoland area. After five years of serving the city, Glazed and Infused announced on December 26, 2017 that they would be closing all of their locations permanently. To commemorate the loss of this fine establishment, let's take a lot at some of their most notable creations.

Red Velvet Doughnut

Glazed and Infused's Red Velvet Doughnut is literally award-winning, as People listed it as one of it's 100 Reasons to Love America. The doughnut tastes just like a rich slice of red velvet cake: moist, covered in a cream cheese glaze and topped off with a swirl of cream cheese frosting that is sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs. The pure essence of this doughnut is a treasure in itself, and it will be remembered by many forever. 

Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnut

A PB&J is commonly lauded as a childhood essential, but this sophisticated doughnut shows us that the flavor combo is for all ages. The hand-cut yeast-raised Bismarck is filled with strawberry jam and coated with a peanut butter glaze. Finished off with roasted peanuts, this doughnut is better than any school lunch you've ever had. 

Rosé Doughnut

As part of it's "Thirsty Thursday's" promotion, Glazed and Infused locations only recently began selling these rosé-infused doughnuts at all locations every Thursday. A bottle-shaped yeast-raised doughnut similar to their long John, this doughnut is coated in a natural hibiscus-rosé glaze and white chocolate beads. Written on the bottle are the words "Rosé All Day", for obvious reasons. Each doughnut is adorned with a small pipette of a sweet rosé reduction. Doughnut lovers of all ages were able to enjoy this doughnut on Thursdays since the alcohol was eliminated in the cooking process. 

Carrot Cake Doughnut

Glazed and Infused rolled out their Carrot Cake Doughnut last fall amongst several other autumn flavors. The carrot cake doughnut tastes more like a spice cake than carrot cake but is adorned with cream cheese frosting, candied carrot shreds, and chopped nuts. Basically, this guy is a slice of the dreamiest carrot cake ever, just in doughnut form.

Cranberry White Chocolate Doughnut

This holiday doughnut flavor was essentially a new-born when Glazed and Infused said goodbye last December, as it was part of their winter and holiday doughnuts. Covered in a cranberry glaze and drizzled with white chocolate, this doughnut puts you in the holiday spirit after just one bite. The orange zest on top adds just the right amount of citrus and brings the whole thing together.

Maple Bacon Long John

A natural crowd-pleaser, the Maple Bacon Long John is a hand-cut yeast-raise long John doughnut with real Vermont maple glaze and a piece of maple sugar candied pepper bacon on top. This sweet and savory combo will be dearly missed by all Chicago doughnut lovers.

The departure of Glazed and Infused has broken the hearts of many Chicagoans. Because truly there is nothing better than a fancy doughnut to kickstart your morning. No one is sure how this will affect The 2018 Donut Fest in Chicago since Glazed and Infused had such a presence in the Chicago doughnut community. While more designer doughnut shops have sprouted up across Chicago since Glazed and Infused first opened, it's high-quality doughnuts and unique flavors will forever be missed.