B Plate is hands-down my favorite place at UCLA. From its tortilla flatbreads and tofu bowls to the vegan brownies and homemade peanut butter, B Plate is home to some culinary geniuses who should open up a five star restaurant ASAP. 

I get food from B Plate Grab & Go Breakfast every morning. After branching out from my usual peanut butter oat smoothie and trying a few new flavors, I quickly learned that they are not all made equally. Here is your complete guide to the best (and worst) smoothies you will find at UCLA. 

#1 – Peanut Butter and Oat

Tara Shooshani

The peanut butter and oat smoothie is creamy, thick, not too sweet, not too tart, and just all-around perfect. It's so amazing that B Plate offers it every day, which is necessary because it's the type of drink you never get bored of (i.e. I had one every days for two months straight). 

#2 – Mixed Berry Tofu

Tara Shooshani

The word "tofu" tends to scare people off with this one, but all you taste in the smoothie is a berry good blend of strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. If you're trying to be super-healthy but you hate green smoothies, this one is for you. 

#3 – Banana Spinach Cashew  

Tara Shooshani

Yes, this smoothie is green. But no, it is not low-calorie. It has the same consistency and nutty flavor as the Peanut Butter and Oat Smoothie, just with double the calories. That being said, it tastes incredible and is worth the 800-calorie guilt that comes with it.

#4 & #5 – Kale Banana and Kiwi Kale

Tara Shooshani

If you like the taste of health, more specifically kale, I think these two smoothies are as good as it gets. They're perfect after a morning workout at B Fit, or if you had a Banana Spinach Cashew Smoothie the day before that you need to compensate for. 

#6 – Beet Berry 

beet root, tuber, pasture, vegetable, beet
Kate Zizmor

There is a vague beet taste to this smoothie that oddly works. The beet flavor is not too prevalent, though: I forced my roommate who hates beets to try it, and she still tolerated me afterwards. 

#7 – Tropical Tofu 

Tara Shooshani

The pineapples in this will transport you to a beach in Hawaii about 4.8 seconds after you take your first sip. Unfortunately, the flavors are a little overpowering for me. 

#8 – Banana, Orange and Oat

snack, study snack, textbook, notebook, taking notes, notes, studying, citrus, orange
Jocelyn Hsu

Nothing special here. I don't love having oranges in my smoothies, but if that's something you're into, then it's worth a try. 

#9 & #10 – Green Tea and Apple, Spinach and Avocado 

Tara Shooshani

It pains me to say this, but B Plate failed with these two. They both basically taste like artificial fruit juice with extra honey. I couldn't finish either of them. Sad. 

While not all of them are as perfect as the Peanut Butter and Oat, the smoothies at B Plate are one of the reasons UCLA has the best food in the country. I'll see you there tomorrow morning!