Away from the bustle of UNC's campus is Maple View Ice Cream— a little ice cream shop that serves as a waypoint between us and Duke. This is the freshest ice cream you can get for miles. I mean, how could you argue when you can literally see the cows who made your ice cream?

Get your sweet tooth ready! Here is our ranking of Maple View Ice Cream's fall flavors.

1. Carolina After Dark

chocolate, cream, sweet, goody, waffle, wafer, milk, candy, chocolate ice cream, ice, dairy product
Shelby McLennan

This is truly the ultimate Halloween ice cream flavor. A rich chocolate ice cream filled with Butterfinger, Heath bar, caramel, and caramel bits, this treat is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

2. Devil's Delight

chocolate, sweet, cream, chocolate mousse, milk, candy, fudge, mousse, goody, coffee, chocolate ice cream, cake
Shelby McLennan

We'll give this one to Duke. Their ice cream flavor is good, just not as good as ours. Another rich chocolate ice cream filled with Kit Kat, Twix, and chocolate chips, this ice cream provides the perfect chocolaty crunch.

3. Cinnamon

ice, ice cream, waffle, cream, wafer, chocolate
Shelby McLennan

I've never fallen in love with an ice cream so fast. I expected this flavor have a more intense cinnamon flavor, but it turned out to be very mellow and sweet. It also goes exceptionally well with the waffle cone.

4. Sweet Potato

cream, sweet, chocolate, coffee, milk, dairy product
Shelby McLennan

This sweet and nutty ice cream flavor will definitely get you in the mood for fall. Reminiscent of homemade sweet potato pie, this flavor will get you excited for your Thanksgiving feast.

5. Rocky Ridge Road

chocolate, cream, sweet, milk, mousse, chocolate mousse, candy, cake, coffee, pudding, fudge, goody, chocolate cake
Shelby McLennan

This ice cream is reminiscent of a frozen hot chocolate—it even has marshmallows! The chocolate ice cream is rich and creamy, and the crunchy almonds offset the chewy marshmallows.

6. Pumpkin Pie

cream, dairy product, sweet, milk, butter
Shelby McLennan

We all know that fall means pumpkin spice season is here as well. This pumpkin spice is delightfully sweet and heavy on the cinnamon, giving it a bit of an extra kick. 

7. Maple

waffle, ice, cream, wafer, ice cream, sweet, chocolate
Shelby McLennan

This flavor is super buttery and sweet—sort of like eating pancakes! The maple syrup adds a bit of caramel undertones to make this flavor even sweeter.

8. Double Chocolate Peanut Butter

chocolate, cream, sweet, goody, milk, chocolate ice cream, candy, mousse, coffee
Shelby McLennan

If you love Reese's, then you'll love this flavor. The secret to this ice cream is that they actually use Reese's peanut butter in the flavor. The double chocolate bit doesn't hurt either.

9. Chocolate Orange

chocolate, cream, sweet, goody, cake, candy, mousse, milk, pastry, brownie, coffee, fudge, chocolate ice cream
Shelby McLennan

As a kid I always looked forward to that one house that would always give out an entire chocolate orange on Halloween. You get just that with this flavor, and the orange tastes much fresher too!

10. Chocolate Cookie Dough

chocolate, cream, fudge, chocolate mousse, mousse, milk, sweet, cake, candy, coffee, chocolate cake, goody
Shelby McLennan

There's no doubt that cookie dough is already a popular flavor. Mix that in with Maple View's signature chocolate ice cream and you get an extra chocolaty treat.

11. Chocolate Cookies and Cream

chocolate, ice cream, cream, waffle, wafer, ice
Shelby McLennan

Cookies and Cream ice cream is already pretty great. Add even more chocolate to the mix and we've got a winner! Chocolate lovers are sure to appreciate this combination.

12. Chocolate Turtle

chocolate, sweet, cream, coffee, chocolate mousse, milk, mousse, cake, candy, goody, fudge
Shelby McLennan

The caramel in this flavor give this ice cream nice, smooth texture. The caramel adds just the right amount of flavor to the chocolate, as well.

13. Chocolate Almond

chocolate, cream, sweet, goody, milk, candy, chocolate ice cream, coffee
Shelby McLennan

The almond in this flavor added a very nice crunch. It's just too close to regular chocolate ice cream to stand out too much for me.

14. Brownie Explosion

chocolate, cream, sweet, milk, goody, candy, chocolate ice cream, coffee, mousse, chocolate mousse, dairy product
Shelby McLennan

This flavor definitely brought brownie batter to mind. It was just a little too much chocolate for my taste and had a hard time standing out next to the other awesome chocolate flavors this season.