In my never ending quest to find the perfect plate of Chinese, I’ve ventured lands far and wide and tried almost every Chinese restaurant within my reach. To standardize the ranking system, I ordered KungPao chicken in each restaurant.

Fu Star

1185 Vestal Ave, Binghamton, NY 13903
(607) 722-5767

This place is just alright. It’s about the quality you’d expect of a typical Chinese restaurant. The food is a little too greasy and a little too messy, but it works. If you’re really craving Chinese, but aren’t close to campus, this is a great option for those students who live in the Southside of downtown Binghamton. It’s right on Vestal Ave just across the Washington St Bridge.

New Panda

199 Robinson St, Binghamton, NY 13904
(607) 724-4499

I’d say this is on par with Fu Star in terms of quality. It’s pretty standard Chinese food. One bonus is that they do deliver to a good majority of the downtown Binghamton area. I’ve had delivery three or four times and they were very prompt and the food was still hot. An extra bonus, their prices are all really low in comparison to some other places so this place is a great deal for the off campus crowd.

Long Feng

10 Glenwood Ave, Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 729-1888

Another great place if delivery is your thing. They’re relatively new to the Binghamton area, and their prices are slightly higher. If you live off of Main Street, this is probably the Chinese restaurant for you. The quality is better than New Panda, but the prices are slightly higher too. Considering the difference is less than $3 it’s worth its weight in egg rolls.

Wok ‘N Roll

1101 Bunn Hill Rd, Vestal, NY, 13850
(607) 759-7786

This is a newcomer to the Asian Cuisine game around Binghamton. Many upperclassmen will recognize the owner as the former owner of We Tea, the bubble tea place in UP. From talking with both the WeTea and Wok ‘N Roll folks I’ve learned that they’re actually sisters and the younger one runs Wok ‘N Roll. While their food isn’t exactly “Chinese” it’s still very good. They’re more known for their sushi and Japanese cuisine. They also sell this thing called a five spice egg, which is very unappealing aesthetically but absolutely delicious if you close your eyes.

Panda 3

1101 Bunn Hill Rd, Vestal, NY, 13850
(607) 759-7786

This one is an oldie but goodie. Probably the most widely known across the Binghamton campus (you’ve gotten a menu in your mailbox right?). It has managed to maintain decent quality food all while delivering to the masses 7 days a week.  Team up with your roommate when you order and you can use that free egg roll coupon they always give you. Even better, now you can order online, so you don’t even need to waste precious energy dialing their phone number. (Let’s be honest, they know your order by heart anyway.)

Foliage Chinese

45 Riverside Dr, Johnson City, NY 13790
(607) 798-8998

This is my favorite place in Binghamton. Located in the CVS plaza along Riverside Drive, this place delivers (figuratively speaking). It’s such a disappointment that they don’t actually deliver because they would definitely give Panda 3 a run for their money. Everything I’ve ordered from this place, including the Kung Pao chicken, is always plentiful, flavorful and leaves me full.

Buffet Star

4089 Old Vestal Rd, Vestal, NY 13850
(607) 729-1083

This is a buffet that lives up to its name. Buffet Star is just that, a star. It sits atop Old Vestal Road like a beacon of hope for the hungry, lazy and hung-over. Somehow they’ve managed to find the right balance of quality and quantity and satisfy the appetites of the ever carnivorous students of Binghamton University.