With the rumors of yet another Mexican place (Qdoba) joining the Main Street gang, Blue Hens need to make sure all their taco needs are met in the best way possible. This list can help navigate the street that you can’t go three steps with out the smell of cilantro.

1. El Diablo


Photo courtesy of @crazel6 on Instagram

Congrats Diablo, you hold the top spot in our hearts. With the giant buritto bowls, ooey gooey quesadillas, and of course the burritos that give you a food baby for a week, it is difficult to argue that any other Main Street spot could beat it. What makes Diablo so different are their gormet ingredients like their short rib, goat cheese and pickled onions just to name a few. Way to go Diablo, may your pico always be spicy.

2. Santa Fe


Photo courtesy of
@catiefinn on Instagram

Coming in second by a hair is Sante Fe. Their giant bowls of margaritas are arguably the best on Main, and house margs are only $4 during their happy hour. The menu is expansive, so no matter what your Mexican food craving, Sante Fe is sure to please.

3. DelPez


Photo courtesy of @udfoodie on Instagram

Right in the middle of our list is Del Pez. Now if you tried Del Pez sometime last year, it is worth another try. The restaurant revamped the menu to be less focused on seafood which racked up as a win. The pink margaritas are any tequila lover’s dream and the tacos are the best around. Also, their brunch is one on the best around, just check out that georgous runny egg.

4. Chipotle


Photo courtesy of @jarmooose on Instagram

Tried and true, Chipotle will always have a place in our hearts. As good as drunk Chipotle may be, there are just other great options on Main that bump this spot down. And if you’re like me, you’re not willing to risk the E. Coli.

5. CalTor


Photo courtesy of @caltort on Instagram

Bringing up the rear is CalTor aka California Tortilla. Their menu is generic and really just can’t stand up to the others at UD. There is something to be said however about their queso, one of the best drunk snacks on Main.

There isn’t any argument that blue hens are not at a lost for tacos and tequila. No matter what your favorite Mexican spot is, get out there and rock out with your guac out.