Burgers are a big part of college life: it’s your go-to meal on a day where you’re craving meat, but it is also something you can find solace in by eating on a horrible mess food day. In my experience here, burgers are one of the harder things to find in Ahmedabad, and no burger craving is going to be satisfied with McDonald’s every time. Street stalls have the typical “veg burgers”, but this is about where you can find a quality burger (including vegetarian options). In no particular order, here are some of the burger spots in Ahmedabad that you should hit up:

1. That Place

Akhila Anand

Definitely on the pricey side, That Place has a quality burger called the Tower Burger which it is really famous for. Loaded with chicken, lettuce, cheese and some great condiments, this is the closest I have come to a juicy meat burger in Ahmedabad. The ambience here is great, styled in a diner- restaurant style which makes it perfect for a night-out or special occasions. It's priced at Rs. 350, which may seem steep but is very worth the price as the burger is melt in your mouth and incredibly filling quantity wise too. 

2. Burgerlicious

Akhila Anand

A new place open in Law Garden, this cafe is popular for its burgers which all have custom-made patties. They take pride in their variety, and offer a range of classic as well as Indo-fusion burgers. Both of these are worth giving a shot and this place caters to a large range of needs, making it perfect for a hang-out spot with a large group of friends.

Another big factor is that they are incredibly cost-effective- their most expensive burger is Rs. 140 and is also satisfying quantity wise. Their must-try dishes: the Kadhai Paneer burger and the Cheeseburger. It offers only vegetarian food right now, but is worth a visit regardless. A special shout-out to the drinks here, which manage to hit a sweet spot with their variants of regular drinks being made more enjoyable. 

3. Mocha 

Akhila Anand

A constant on any list, Mocha is known for almost everything they offer, especially their desserts. Their burgers are a huge stand-out because of how big and juicy it is, and also comes very close to what a great burger is. 

My favourite is the OMG Grilled Chicken burger. The first time I ate it, I knew I would keep coming back to eat it again. Although it is much cheaper than That Place at Rs. 250, I did find that they lack consistency and standardization in their burger. It feels like a hit or miss dish depending on when you go, but still remains a good burger to have when you are craving one. 

4. Grill'd n More 

Akhila Anand

Located in the Food Truck Park near Rajpath Club, this food truck serves up some great meat-based burgers which include both chicken and mutton. The Food Truck Park as a whole is a meat lovers paradise, so the vegetarian burgers at this place are not ordered as frequently. 

I loved their Gourmet Burger which had a crispy patty on the outside but was succulent inside. It comes with lettuce, barbecue sauce and mayo, along with some additional cheese. But a small problem with this place is that their quantity is not worth the price and the taste is good but nothing extraordinary. Nonetheless, it is one of the few places in Ahmedabad with a wide range of meat burgers, so it is a place you can resort to. 

5. Burger King

Yep, a fast-food chain made it to this list, but with good reason. Burger King opened its Ahmedabad outlets not even a year ago, but has already become a very popular place for people of all ages. Their pocket-friendly burgers are full of flavour if you choose the right burgers, since their combo deal burgers are usually lacklustre and something that you should avoid entirely.  The burgers which I definitely recommend are the Chicken Whopper and the BK Grill, both are classic burgers which you cannot go wrong with.