After eating your way through Cork (from my previous suggestions), you are probably ready for some drinks! Lucky for you, there are no shortage of pubs in Cork City -- 955, to be exact! Exploring all the pubs can keep you busy for days, so I have narrowed down some of my favorites. There are a mix of pubs on this list so you can decide where you want to go depending on your mood. The list ranges from pubs with traditional Irish music to pubs with more of the college-aged crowds. Wherever you choose to go, you can get a proper pint anywhere in Cork! 

When you’re looking for some live Irish music, go to…

The Oliver Plunkett

The Oliver Plunkett is a crowd favorite. On any given night, you can find both locals and tourists here. Bring your family who is visiting or come here with a group of friends. There is live music every night of the week, ranging from bands performing traditional Irish music to bands covering popular songs on the radio. (Sometimes there are even Irish dancers who come on stage!) This place has given me an appreciation and love for many of the famous Irish pub songs! 

Sin È

Sin É is one of the most famous "trad" pubs in Ireland and is another pub that has live music 7 days a week. Anyone can bring an instrument and just start playing music. Sometimes the music is simply instrumental and other times the crowd joins in and start singing along! Stop by this wee pub for a pint and you will feel like you are truly in Ireland

When you want to go to a bar for pre-drinks…

The Washington Inn

The Washington Inn, also known simply as "The Wash," will always hold a special place in my heart. The Wash actually closes at midnight, so many UCC & CIT students use this as their "pre-drinks" bar. Pre-drinks is the Irish term for pregame. If you're looking for a place with good music, Jägerbombs and dancing on tabletops, then the Wash is the place for you!

Sober Lane

Sober Lane is another good place to go for "pre-drinks" before a night out. They also have good food & have events every night of the week. If you're celebrating a 21st birthday, Sober Lane is the place to go!

When you’re looking for the college-aged crowd on a weeknight...

An Bróg

Siobhan Andress

An Bróg, also known simply as "The Bróg," is a crowd favorite amongst college students in Cork. The best nights of the week here are definitely Tuesday and Thursday but they host Trivia Night every Monday where participants can win cash prizes. If you are looking for more of a club scene, check out Voodoo, which is right above An Bróg. As the Irish say, The Bróg is great craic! 

Old Oak

Old Oak is known as the international pub of Cork, where visiting students from all around the world and from Ireland tend to gather. There are beer pong contests on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

#SpoonTip: Murphy's is a more popular beer in Cork, while Guinness is more popular in Dublin. Have no fear Guinness lovers -- you can still get Guinness anywhere in Cork, too! 

The Rock

The Rock is THE place to go as a UCC student on a Wednesday night. They have a deal where you can get 3 pints of Foster's for 10 euros. If you need a pint to get you through the week, the Rock is the place to go. 

When you’re looking for a traditional Irish pub…

Mutton Lane

Mutton Lane is hidden in a little alley by the English Market and it is the epitome of a traditional Irish pub. When you go inside, you lose track of time because of the low lighting with tables and chairs that are low to the ground. Grab a pint of a local Cork beer & sit in here for hours chatting to the locals! 


Costigan's is a great pub on Washington Street in Cork. It's bigger than it looks and there is always a good crowd in here. They have a wide variety of drinks, especially gins and whiskeys, which are good for non-beer lovers! 

When the weather gets above 14 degrees (Celsius !!) and all you want to do is drink outside… 

Deep South

Deep South is the biggest beer garden in Cork & is one of the hidden gems of the city. Grab a group of friends on a nice day and head here for a few drinks!


SUAS is the only rooftop bar in Cork, so definitely take advantage of this place on a nice day! This place is definitely a hidden gem, but once you find it, you'll want to keep coming back! 

The Flying Enterprise: The Courtyard on Sober Lane

Siobhan Andress

The Flying Enterprise is a place my friends and I stumbled upon and I'm sure glad we did! Another beer garden in the city center that has plenty of outdoor seating and good food to snack on. This place gets pretty crowded on a nice day, but is definitely worth coming to!


Electric is located right on the River Lee so you can dine and drink while overlooking the beautiful river! This place has outdoor and indoor seating, as well as an extensive food and drink menu. 

When you want to experience the breweries in Cork…

Franciscan Well Brewery

Siobhan Andress

Fran Well is a Cork staple. You'll find their beer in just about every pub and restaurant in Cork, as well as many other  surrounding counties. They have a variety of beers and ciders to choose from. #SpoonTip: head to the Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork City for a pizza and a pint. In the back of the brewery, they have a pizza stand called Pompeii Pizza that has the best pizza in Cork!

Rising Sons Brewery

Rising Sons is another brewery in the Cork City center that has many of their own beers. It is not as old as Fran Well, therefore, the beer is not as widespread, but you can still find it in many pubs and restaurants around Cork. Both Rising Sons and Fran Well do a pizza & a pint, or a pizza & a pitcher deal, so that is definitely something to take advantage of!

#SpoonTip: If you are not a beer lover, cider is huge in Ireland. Ireland has a big percentage of their population who are gluten-free, which led to a need and popularity for ciders! My personal favorite is Orchard Thieves, which tastes like apple juice!

As I mentioned above, Cork has over 955 pubs, so this list is just a starting point with some of my favorites! Part of the fun of exploring Ireland is wandering into different pubs for a pint or two and then moving onto the next one. Whether young or old, there is always a place to drink in Ireland! Sláinte!!