Cork may be the second biggest city in Ireland, but it has a ton to offer. If you’re looking for a true Irish experience with a city feel, look no further than Cork. Cork is known for being Ireland’s food capital and there is really something for everyone. After spending a semester abroad here, I have come up with the Comprehensive Guide to Cork City! This article is part 1 of 3 and focuses on some the delicious food you can eat in Cork. Below are some of my favorite spots to eat while in my home away from home!

When you need your Chipotle fix while in Ireland, go to…


Burritos and Blues

When you want to balance out all the pints you’ve been drinking…

Loving Salads

Siobhan Andress

Loving Salads has two different locations in Cork City and the location on Washington Street also makes delicious smoothies!

Fruit Boost Smoothies (located in the AMAZING English Market)

Siobhan Andress

If you don't want a smoothie but are in the English Market, there are fresh fruits, veggies, & meats available too! The English Market is one of the most famous places to visit in Cork City. 

When you want to try some Irish chocolate aside from Cadbury...

O'Conaill Chocolate Shop

This place has the best hot chocolate I have ever had, hands down!

When your parents are in town and are paying for meals…

The Spitjack



The Woodford also has live music on Saturdays and has fun drinks if you are getting sick of drinking just beer!

When you are missing your Saturday routine of brunch and mimosas…

Liberty Grill

#SpoonTip make a reservation for this place because it is one of the most popular spots and town and usually requires a long wait without a reservation!

Brick Lane

When you are craving some comfort food and are looking for a burger…

West Cork Burger

Siobhan Andress

West Cork Burger gives you the option to create your own burger or to choose from one of their own creations. I don't know what they put in their fries, but they are UNREAL. 

Son of a Bun

Siobhan Andress

#SpoonTip Son of a Bun is one of the few places in Cork that has milkshakes (& they're delicious!). Who doesn't love a burger, fries and a milkshake?


If you're looking for a fancy burger, Coqbull is the place to go!

When your sweet tooth is kicking in…


Even if you haven't made your way to Ireland, Huckleberry's is worth the follow on Instagram!

The Shack

Siobhan Andress

The Shack has a huge variety of donuts and makes new donuts for each holiday!

Sticky Fingers 

Siobhan Andress

When Ed Sheeran came to Cork City for his concert, Sticky Fingers made Ed Sheeran themed donuts and sold over 500 each day for the whole weekend. There seems to be donut shops popping up all over Ireland! 

When you are looking for the best fish and chips...

Jackie Lennox

Jackie Lennox is one of the most popular places to get fish and chips in Cork City and is a good bang for your buck. 

The Bulman

Siobhan Andress

The Bulman is actually located in Kinsale and is worth the 45 minute ride from Cork City. Kinsale is a beautiful and quaint town on the coast and is also known as the gourmet food capital of Ireland. This fish and chips was the best fish and chips I have ever had. 

When it's 2AM and you're leaving the pubs...


Hillbilly's is like the Irish Chick-Fil-A and I don't think anything tastes better at 2AM than this place. You need to get the chicken goujons with the garlic mayo dip. I promise you won't be disappointed!

There was not a meal in Cork that I didn't like. It is definitely an underrated food city and there are so many more places not on this list that are also delicious. This article is simply a starting point and there are constantly new places popping up to eat in Cork. Stay tuned for my other two articles about things to do and places to see in Cork City!