Shojo owner Brian Moy had a passion for noodles and couldn't find the right way to incorporate this focus into his fast-growing hot spot in Chinatown. At this time, a good bowl of ramen was still a hard find in the city of Boston, and the inspiration for Ruckus was born.

The casual spot delivers fresh ingredients and creative takes on Pan-Asian classics, serving up a large array of noodle entrees, fusion starters, and game-changing "swag" toppings. 

Emma Guido

The Spoon University team got the chance to try some of Ruckus' most popular and delicious dishes. They created their own modern spin on a classic Japanese favorite: egg yolk and rice. "The Dope Yolk" amps up this recipe with uni, tobiko, and chausauge crisps to really make the dish memorable. Some Thai influences sneak onto the menu as well, as we thoroughly enjoyed their take on salmon larb. 

Emma Guido

For our noodle entrees, we got to taste the Black Garlic Mazemen and the Miso Lit Ramen. I had never tried mazemen before, which is a usually brothless ramen with toppings. Ruckus serves their mazemen with a small amount of broth for extra flavor, which tasted rich and savory. It was also loaded with incredible toppings, such as grilled lamb, brussel sprouts, and fried eggplant. For the new semester, they are offering college students free swag for your entree, which is a premium topping like Ruckus paste, bone marrow butter, or fried chicken. I got the fried duck egg on my mazemen, which totally elevated my dining experience!

Emma Guido

The Miso Lit Ramen had the perfect amount of spice and was drowning in complementary toppings, with one of the most flavorful miso broths I've tasted in Boston. The portions were huge and had tremendous value for their price, as well. I'm ecstatic to have found this Chinatown gem and can't wait to go back and try more of their unique noodle creations!

Make sure to stop by Ruckus with your college ID to get some free swag for your noodle bowl! You can check out the menu here

Photos by Mallika Chawla