Ever been watching Broad City and wondered where all their hysterical shenanigans are taking place? This list of restaurants and coffee shops allows you channel your inner Ilana and Abbi and explore all the places that make such iconic cameos in the show. With this guide, you can finally go off and live your best Broad City life!


You might recognize Grounded from the episode "The Lockout," when Abbi has her first so-called, art show. The coffee shop does in fact sell the artwork that they have on the walls, so it is an ever changing mini museum every time you walk in.

The shop offers incredible signature drinks including their Black Tea Rose Latte and their German Chocolate Cake Latte. They also offer a variety of sandwiches, salads and smoothies. We can confirm that the Apple Butter Grilled Cheese is the perfect meal while curled up in this cozy environment.

The Grey Dog

The Grey Dog made an appearance in the episode, "Sliding Doors," a pinnacle moment in Abbi and Ilana meeting and becoming friends. Ilana worked at the West Village location, which Abbi was a regular. A New York City staple, The Grey Dog has multiple locations across the city. Whether stopping in for just a coffee, or some of their breakfast options, The Grey Dog is perfect for a casual spot to grab a bite

Juice Press

Juice Press at the Equinox in Soho is the closest you will get to a Soulstice experience. In most episodes, Abbi's work at Soulstice is a hysterical debacle, and leaves one wishing there was an actual Soulstice. At the Juice Press in the Soho Equinox, you can sit sipping on one of their green smoothies, and can almost imagine that you are at Soulstice and that Shania Twain just might descend the stairs. 

Star on 18 Diner Cafe

In the episode, "Hashtag FOMO," the girls end their long night out by eating an early morning breakfast at Star on 18. The diner offers fantastic classic menu staples, including incredible pancakes and bacon. They also have Mediterranean dishes including a Greek Salad Plate with Gyro and Mykonos Eggs.

Stumptown 30 W 8th

The inside of the Stumptown at 30 W 8th shows up in the episode, "Kirk Steele," when Abbi and Ilana first discover that Abbi's boss, Trey, was a porn star. If you are feeling wild (and maybe a little gross), stay true to the episode by bringing in your own used paper coffee cups to reuse as Ilana did.

2 Bros Pizza on St. Marks

In the episode, "St. Mark's," when the girls are celebrating Ilana's birthday, their night has a series of unfortunate events. At the end of the episode, they end up eating pizza from what can only be 2 Bros. This is the perfect slice when you are drastically in need of a cheesy pick-me-up. For only one dollar, this pizza hits the spot, and is a perfect end to any night.


The restaurant Kenka also makes a cameo in the episode, "St. Mark's," when Abbi makes a reservation for Ilana's birthday. The restaurant offers an assortment of delicacies, from ramen to fried frog, and so much more. The best part of the restaurant is the cotton candy machine outside. If you want to stay true to the episode, you can make your reservation under "Lil Wayne," just as Abbi did.

There you have it, a Broad City Guide to Eating in NYC! Now get ready to binge watch, and be inspired to go relive your favorite moments in the restaurants and coffee shops that Abbi and Ilana love. YAS queen!