You are probably aware of all the places to eat on campus and downtown, but you probably are unaware of all of the delivery options available around Saratoga Springs. Here are some great delivery options for any time of the day.

1. When it's 1 am and you have the munchies: Dominos

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Nothing satisfies your food cravings better at 1 am on a weekend than some hot, cheesy pizza. It takes about 45 minutes to get it delivered and delivery is free.

Location: 86 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs

2. When you have been grinding in the library all day: Legends Cafe

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This café has some of the best sandwiches and salads. Their hot sandwiches are perfect during a study break in the winter. It takes about an hour to get delivery and delivery is free with a minimum $20 order.             

Location: 102 Congress Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

3. When you want to have a date night: Sushi Thai Garden

For those times when you want to have a date night with your significant other without making the journey into town. It takes about an hour to get it delivered, and delivery is free with a minimum $12 order.           

Location: 44-46 Phila Street Saratoga Springs, NY

4. When you are sick: Phila Fusion Noodle Bar

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When you are coughing and have a sore throat this is the best option. It takes approximately an hour to get the delivery and it is free with a minimum order of $12.                

Location: 54 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

5. When you are looking to change things up: Izumi Asian Bistro and Lounge

If you are getting bored of the dining hall and need to change things up, order from Izumi. Their signature rolls are dynamite. Average delivery time is about an hour and there is free delivery with a minimum $20 order.      

Location: 63 Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

6. When you are craving pizza: Gennaro's Pizza Parlor

If you haven't had pizza from Gennaro's, you need to! They have a variety of toppings and their prices are fairly cheap. This is a huge plus for college students on a budget. It takes approximately an hour to get delivery, and it is also free with a minimum $15 order.           

Location: 46 Marion Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY

7. When you just need to treat yo self: Esperantos

This is the best place to order from to satisfy your craving for comfort food. If you are having trouble figuring out what to order from their menu, get their signature doughboy. It only takes about 30 minutes to get delivery. It is also free with a minimum $5 order.   

Location: 4 Caroline Street, Saratoga Springs, NY