If you’re looking for an afternoon of food and fun, Smorgasburg in New York is the perfect place to go this summer. It’s located in Williamsburg at East River State Park on Saturdays, and Prospect Park on Sundays. Here, you’ll find 100 vendors with food from all over the world. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Ramen Burger or the Raindrop Cake, but there are other great, lesser-known options that await your taste buds. After a few hours, you’ll definitely leave feeling satisfied.

1. Push Pops from Alchemy Creamery


Photo courtesy of @itsjenbui on Instagram

These gluten-free, dairy-free, certified vegan, and certified kosher frozen treats are definitely something you shouldn’t miss. These are a great option if you have food restrictions or allergies. The pops are composed of cake, ice cream, and a topping, and with their variety of flavors it seems almost impossible to find one you wouldn’t like.

2. Mozzarella Bombs from Big Mozz


Photo courtesy of @2spoons2cities on Instagram

Perfect for all the cheese lovers out there. This fresh ball of mozzarella is injected with pesto sauce to create a simple yet delicious snack.

3. Shishito Peppers from Ark Foods


Photo courtesy of @arkfoods on Instagram

These peppers are freshly planted and picked by Ark Foods. There’s only one catch: about one out of every ten shishito peppers are spicier than the rest. This surprise adds some fun and flavor to your food journey throughout Smorgasburg.

4. Ahi Poke Bowls from East Coast Poke


Photo courtesy of @eastcoastpoke_nyc on Instagram

Just one taste and you will feel like you’re on vacation in Hawaii. The tuna is served over a seaweed salad with pineapple sticky rice. You can add spicy mayo to your bowl if you’re feeling daring.

5. Scotch Eggs from The Imperial Egg


Photo by Natalie Selmer

What could be better than a meat-stuffed, breaded, and fried egg? The Imperial Egg puts a slight twist on the traditional Scotch Egg, and the inside of these eggs are poached and served warm. Between flavors like Bacon and Cheese, Lamb, or Chorizo you definitely won’t be disappointed.

6. Bao Buns from Bite Sized Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @smorgasburg on Instagram

These fluffy Chinese buns are just irresistible. There are so many options you can choose. Whether you pick a Pork Bun or Duck Bun, you can’t go wrong.

7. Sticky Rice and Mango from Bamboo Bites


Photo courtesy of @smorgasburg on Instagram

This delicious treat is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. The base is coconut sticky rice, and you can choose from traditional coconut, mango, or bacon to put on top. The mango, however, is perfect if you find yourself here on a hot, summer day.

8. Gooey Butter Cakes from Gooey and Co.


Photo courtesy of @gooeyandcompany on Instagram

These cakes are made of all-natural ingredients and are served in bite-sized pieces. Although the top is flaky, you will be surprised when you reach the gooey center. Their flavors include Original, Chocolate, Banana, Carrot, and Almond Cake. It will definitely feel like love at first bite when you try these cakes.

9. Tacos from Oaxaca Taqueria


Photo courtesy of @oaxacatacos on Instagram

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of traditional Mexican food to add to your Smorgasburg “fiesta.” You can get almost any meat you can imagine in these tacos, from beef and chicken to shrimp and sausage. Make sure to get salsa or guacamole to add to this yummy treat.