Salad is great, but it can get boring for vegetarians and vegans when it is the only option on the menu time and time again. Luckily for all of the herbivores out there, San Luis Obispo has plenty of restaurants that offer some amazing vegetarian, non-salad meals for any occasion.

1. Bliss Cafe


Photo courtesy of @blisscafeslo on Instagram

From burritos, to bowls, to pressed-juice, the 100% vegan Bliss Cafe is the herbivore’s dream. Not only is the food to die for, but the ambiance of the creek-side patio is hard to beat.

Recommendation: Teriyaki Pineapple Bliss Bowl ($11.95)

2. Big Sky Cafe


Photo Courtesy of @happyhealthynut on Instagram

Although it is not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, Big Sky Cafe has tons of plant-based options. The menu is constantly changing to adapt to the produce that is in-season and offered at the local SLO farmers’ markets. Big Sky Cafe is perfect for a night out with friends, no matter the diet they follow.

Recommendation: Tamari Tofu Vegan Soft Tacos ($13.75)

3. Novo


Photo Courtesy of @vikingchef on Instagram

When Mom and Dad are in town, Novo is a great dinner choice. The outdoor patio beside the creek paired with the white tablecloths and elegant entrees make for a sophisticated, delicious dining experience. Novo does not stick to any certain cuisine and offers a handful of satisfying vegetarian meals to go along with the classics that your parents will love.

Recommendation: Spring Vegetable Risotto ($24)

4. Shine Cafe


Photo Courtesy of @alexa_fuelednaturally on Instagram

After a day at the beach in Morro Bay, stop by the 100% vegan Shine Cafe to experience a menu full of unique vegetarian dishes. Even better yet, Shine Cafe has a partnering grocery store called Sunshine Health Foods right next door that carries all of the vegan essentials you never knew you needed.

Recommendation: Famous Tempeh Taco ($8)

5. Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe


Photo courtesy of @dee_marie8 on Instagram

Sally Loo’s is a vegetarian breakfast must. Not only do you get a beautiful latte, but you get a substantial, fresh, and delicious meal in a super cute coffee shop. From waffles, to breakfast burritos, to pastries, Sally Loo’s is the perfect brunch spot for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Recommendation: Goober Waffle ($9)

6. Woodstock’s Pizza


Courtesy of @woodstockspizza on Instagram

When all of your friends want to go out for pizza, don’t fret–Woodstock’s has you covered. With tons of veggie options, gluten-free (and vegan!) crust, and the option to skip the cheese, pizza night is made possible for the vegetarian at Woodstock’s.

Recommendation: Bikini Zucchini ($18.50 for a medium pizza)

7. Eureka!


Photo Courtesy of @eurekaslo on Instagram

What is a vegetarian to do on burger night? Simple: head over to Eureka! for some incredible burgers and drinks. Any burger can be substituted for a veggie patty or made “naked,” meaning you don’t get the bun. If burgers aren’t your thing, they also have some unique salads, like the slow-roasted beet salad that comes with watermelon pop rocks to get your attention.

Recommendation: Veggie Beet Burger

8. Spencer Mackenzie’s


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Spencer Mackenzie’s may be more well known for their fish tacos and other seafood specials, but vegetarians can find good eats as well. The grilled vegetable burrito fulfills any Mexican food cravings with a unique, Brooklyn-style twist. The most fun part of Spencer Mackenzie’s is their line-up of hot sauces with a variety of different heats and flavors to give a try.

Recommendation: Grilled Vegetable Burrito

9. SLO Donut Company


Photo Courtesy of @slodonutcompany on Instagram

SlO Donut Company is a popular hang-out and study spot for many students, but while donuts may be vegetarian, they are definitely not vegan. Luckily for all of the vegans out there, SLODOCO has started to implement more and more vegan donuts on select days of the week. They come in a wide variety of styles and flavors too, so SLODOCO is basically vegan heaven.

Recommendation: Vegan Banana Cake topped with Maple Frosting and Walnuts ($2.50)