No matter where you are, figuring out where you want to take friends out to eat can be a big debacle. You want to impress them, but everyone has different tastes. Long Beach Island, New Jersey may not be very big, but there are a whole lot of places to eat. As a foodie who's spent lots of her life down the shore, I'm here to help you figure out which Long Beach Island restaurant to take nine types of friends who may visit you. You're welcome in advance. 

1. The Picky Friend: The Chicken or the Egg

We all have that one friend. The one who always ends up ordering off the kiddie menu at a fancy restaurant, so that they can actually find something they'll eat. Fear not, The Chicken or the Egg (or Chegg, if you want to sound more like a local), has you covered. They're best known for their wings, the hottest of which were featured on Man vs Food, but I've tried more things than I can count from their giant menu and still haven't found anything I didn't like.

They're open 24 hours, they have a wide variety of options for every meal, and even though the wait can sometimes be long, it's always worth it. Especially if it means you can avoid the hassle of a friend who can't find anything on a menu to eat.

2. The Friend Who Loves Brunch: Scojo's Restaurant

Hands down, Scojo's Restaurant is my favorite brunch spot. They serve breakfast from 7am until 2pm daily and whether you're in the mood for a classic, like an omelette, or something a little more out of the ordinary, like a breakfast pizza or carrot cake pancakes, this place never fails to impress. So those friends who can brunch with the best of 'em are sure to love it.

3. The Low-Maintenance Friend: Joey's Pizza and Pasta

Everybody has that friend who essentially only brings their bathing suit and a cover up to the shore with them, which means going anywhere nice for dinner is out of the question. But worry not, that doesn't mean good food is out of the question too.

For the low-maintenance friend, go to Joey's Pizza and Pasta. They have a few different locations, so wherever you are on the island, chances are you aren't far from a Joey's. Whether you're grabbing a slice of pizza, a burger, or calamari, Joey's is a delicious but laid-back way to get some good grub.

4. The Friend With a Sweet Tooth: Crust and Crumb Bakery

Being healthy is cool, but so are sticky buns. And donuts. And elephant ears, aka a giant flaky pastry with cinnamon and sugar baked into it. And crumb cakes. Anyway, you see were I'm going with this. For those people who think health food is overrated, Crust and Crumb Bakery is a must.

5. The Vegetarian: Living on the Veg

Checking menus of the places I usually go to make sure they have enough options (or any options at all) for my vegetarian friends can be a pain. Living on the Veg is a vegetarian deli and juice bar, with lots of vegan options too, that takes away all that hassle. It's not super expensive, has cute outdoor seating, and even accommodates for other dietary restrictions with things like gluten-free bread. Plus they get extra points for their punny name.

6. The Friend Who Loves Seafood: Barry's Do Me a Flavor

If you're going to the shore, seafood is a must. And Barry's Do Me A Flavor, a family-run business, is some of the best. Everyone I know who's tried their fish tacos raves about them, and their shrimp tacos are my personal favorite. Their food always tastes delicious and fresh, and they even have stromboli and hoagies if you're not as much of a seafood person as the friend you're trying to impress with your restaurant choices. Plus, they've got ice about a bonus.

7. The Posh Friend: Stefano's

For the one who's the opposite of the low-maintenance friend, there is Stefano's. Definitely upscale enough to please the friend that likes the finer things in life. They have killer clam chowder and there were literal tears in my eyes scrolling through pictures of their risotto, it looked so good. 

8. The Healthy Friend: The Greenhouse Cafe

The Greenhouse Cafe prides themselves on having a "heart-healthy" menu, which is a perfect balance of what you may want and what your healthiest friend may want. This cafe uses whole grains, cooking oils without trans fat, and the freshest ingredients they can so they can make all your fave dishes as good for your body as possible. 

9. The Friend With a Food Insta: Shore Good Donuts

The building itself may not be anything special, but the donuts at Shore Good Donuts definitely are. A made to order donut shop that has flavors like french toast, apple cider, and key lime pie, plus the option to mix and match their toppings to create a personalized flavor, this donut shop is the place to be if you want to create a picture perfect treat. Did I mention they're open till 11pm to cater to all your late night donut needs? 

So, the next time you're panicking about not knowing where to take someone on Long Beach Island, just know: there's something for everyone. You've just gotta remember to check this guide.