Everybody deserves to treat yo self every once in a while, especially if you’re one of the thousands of hardworking students at UMass. Eating healthy is great and everything, but every once in awhile, it’s time to fulfill your sweet cravings with many of the delicious treats that can be found easily around campus without destroying your wallet.

1. Glazed Doughnuts


Photo courtesy of @thefoodshoveler Instagram

These doughnuts are here to satisfy any sort of doughnut craving you may have. With their wide variety of gourmet flavors, they pretty much have everything you could ever want on a doughnut. Flavors ranging from raw cookie dough to coconut shavings with a raspberry drizzle, they’re enough to make you drool. Lucky for you, they’re open from 7am-12am Sunday-Wednesday and 7am-2am for you night crawlers between Thursday-Saturday.

2. Sweets and More


Photo courtesy of sweetsandmore.org

Craving some icy treats after working your calves all the way up to Orchard Hill? Treat yo self to the Sweets and More student-run haven. The wonderful business offers students ice cream, milkshakes, baked goods, some breakfast items, and wonderful late night snacks. These foods are perfect for any late-night munchies, and may even be worth the walk up.

3. Sugar Jones


Photo courtesy of @mariposapixs on Instagram

What’s not to love about Sugar Jones? Homemade cookies freshly made delivered directly to you. They have a variety of cookies to choose from and even offer a massive 12 inch cookie. The best part is you can even order milk and ice cream with your order to complete your perfect cookie experience. 8 cookies for 10 dollars? Yes, please.

4. Yum! Bakery


Photo by Alison Lie

This delicious bakery is open from 10:30am-9pm Monday-Fridays. They offer the perfect desserts to treat you or a special someone with their wide variety of pastries ranging from cannoli to nutella cupcakes. This bakery has the perfect treats to give yourself for a much needed study break, and the best part is – it’s located in the center of campus.

5. UMass Bakeshop

If you are UMass Dining Service’s number 1 fan, then you would love the baked goods offered fresh daily at the UMass Bakeshop. Their brownies take you to a whole new level of fudge and chocolatey goodness. The largest campus bakeshop on the east coast definitely lives up to its title, and it was one of the first bakeries to go ‘trans-free’ in Massachusetts. The best part about this campus bakeshop is their Gifts from Home program that allows parents to put in orders to the bakeshop to be delivered fresh to their students (hint hint mom and dad).

6. Go Berry


Photo courtesy of go-berry.com

Craving some frozen yogurt? Go Berry is the place to go. Customize your own cup of frozen yogurt to perfection with their wide varieties of toppings complimented by the various fro-yo flavors offered. Don’t be afraid to get funky by mixing and matching. This fro-yo destination is a wonderful place to stop by when exploring downtown Amherst.

7. Atkins Farms


Photo courtesy of atkinsfarms.com

Notorious for their cider doughnuts, the bakery at Atkins Farms offers a variety of treats ranging from baked goods to yummy pastries. Honestly, their doughnuts are enough for any hungry college kid to go crazy. Fresh to the touch, these cider doughnuts have created their own fame amongst the population here at UMass. They have not one, but two locations around campus: the South Amherst flagship store and their North Amherst location (Your Local Market at 113 Crowls Road, North Amherst). There is no real way to describe how wonderful they are, so go try one to experience the magic yourself.

8. Paciugo


Photo courtesy of @thefoodshoveler on Instagram

Craving something cold and sweet? Not a problem, as Yum! Bakery has a delightful gelato bar for your convenience. The portion sizes are great for the price, and don’t be afraid to get risky by mixing flavors. Although nutella is a personal favorite of mine, all of their flavors are pretty fire. The best part is, Paciugo is conveniently located right next to Yum! Bakery in the campus center.

9. Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium


Photo by Alison Lie

Yes, this one requires a bit of a hike to get to, but trust me, the trip is worth the destination. The moment you walk in, you’re instantly greeted with the cozy smell of fresh fudge being made in the front windows to attract all of the chocolate lovers out strolling by. Their selection of chocolate treats range from peanut butter fudge to black forest truffles can make any chocolate fan-milk, white, or dark-cry tears of pure joy. Their products are high-quality for a reasonable price and are only a bus ride away to North Hampton.