It’s no secret that Annapolis does sailing, beer, and crab cakes right. But did you know that the Maryland capital is also a hot spot for some pretty enticing breakfast joints?

I’m here to bring you the best of the best breakfasts in Annapolis, from bagels to crepes to coffee and more. Whether you’re a Marylander born and raised, or a guest coming to visit our capitol, you won’t want to miss these sights and tastes.

1. Naval Bagels

Old bay everyday {look at that lump crab meat – the #Annapolitan. Ugh}

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Bagels are a girls best friend.” That’s the phrase, right?

Naval Bagels takes the original idea of the bagel and twists it with their wide variety of options. Their menu is fully customizable to your choices. You want a super jalapeño bagel with garlic parsley spread? Guess what? You can do that.

Spicy bagels not your thing? How about a maple crunch bagel with walnut raisin spread? Feeling a little more adventurous? Try any of their signature breakfast bagels — they’re sure to knock your socks off.

The Annapolitan, named after the citizens of Annapolis, is possibly the most famous bagel here. Made with jumbo lump crab meat, scrambled egg, melted cheddar and Old Bay seasoning, it’s no wonder it’s a local favorite. Any Marylander will tell you that Old Bay makes everything better, including your breakfast bagel.

2. Zü Coffee

Pumpkin Spice. Try it iced #zucoffee #getroasted

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Breakfast isn’t complete without coffee, right?

Zü Coffee is a local coffee shop that roasts their beans in house, guaranteeing your coffee will always be fresh (it’ll also be stronger, and that’s always a good thing). Along with their daily brew options, they offer several specialty drinks that are sure to quench your thirst and get your blood pumping.

What do you get when you combine the class of a chai latte with a shot of espresso and chocolate? The Dirty Duck Chai. No, it doesn’t sound as pretentious as ordering a skinny vanilla latte with soy, but Zü believes coffee is supposed to be fun and I can’t say I disagree.

3. Bean Rush Cafe

Monday morning coffee dates….the perfect start to the week 🙂

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With a philosophy of “Keep it fresh. Keep it local.” the owners of Bean Rush Cafe truly embody what Annapolis is all about. Annapolis is all too familiar with coffee, but locals will tell you that Bean Rush stands out among the rest (and trust me, locals don’t lie).

Bean Rush offers a full line of signature lattes and mochas, most of which you won’t find anywhere else. With a sweet combination of honey and toffee, the Honey Bee Latte is sure you fulfill your sugar craving. The owners are strong believers that family comes first, which makes Bean Rush the perfect family breakfast stop.

4. Eastport Kitchen

I am obsessed. @baltimoreprep it is worth a drive down to Annapolis for this avocado heaven! #eastportkitchen #eastport #annapolis

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Eastport Kitchen opened just 2 months ago and it’s already a local hit.

Not only do they serve bomb-ass breakfast sandwiches, they also offer breakfast bowls and yogurt parfaits, along with several vegetarian options. But one breakfast item goes above and beyond the rest, and that, my friends, is the Daily Breakfast Bread Pudding.

I know what you’re thinking, bread pudding is a dessert and dessert shouldn’t be eaten for breakfast. But this is 2015 people, and if Eastport Kitchen provides breakfast bread pudding, then we better accept it and enjoy it.

5. Eggcellence

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Eggcellence puts their focus on the most important part of a breakfast meal: Eggs. But it’s not a secret that Marylanders love their crabs, and Eggcellence respects and celebrates this fact, too.

They offer crab hash, Chesapeake benedict, and a Marylander omelette. Each incorporates Maryland crab flawlessly. On the off chance that Maryland crab isn’t your thing, they offer a wide variety of other options including vegetarian items.

6. City Dock Coffee

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Anyone who’s been to DTA knows that City Dock Coffee is the place to get your brew.

Locals have voted it Best Coffee Shop in Annapolis for years. And as they say, “When in town, do as the locals do.” Along with their unbeatable coffee, City Dock Coffee also offers a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches and pastries. And for my friends with Celiac out there, they even offer gluten free pastries.

7. Sofi’s Crepes

Nutella & strawberry crêpe with a view || #LiveToEat

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With over 27 official combinations, Sofi’s is sure to please even the pickiest of breakfast goers. They separate their items into two categories: Savory and sweet. On the off chance you don’t like any of their signature crepes (which is nearly impossible), they offer a create-your-own option with numerous fillings.

Sofi’s is a favorite Annapolis stop for celebrity Kevin Bacon. The Footloose star visits so often, he has a signature crepe named after him. Filled with turkey, cheese, tomatoes, Thousand Island dressing, and of course bacon, the Kevin Bacon tastes so good it will make you want to dance (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

8. Miss Shirley’s

Healthy breakfast. #chickenandwaffles

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If you’re looking for little more hearty meal, head on over to Miss Shirley’s.

With an extensive menu offering both breakfast and lunch options, as well as a kid’s menu, Miss Shirley’s is perfect for a family outing. Don’t worry, though, it’s also the perfect place to cure even your worst hangover.

From chicken and waffles to crab cake and fried green tomato eggs benedict, their possibilities are nearly endless. Offering possibly the largest variety of crab breakfast choices, this Annapolis hot spot is Marylander-approved.

9. Iron Rooster

The Iron Rooster lives up to their goal of wanting people to feel at home when they walk through the doors. The hospitality is nothing short of perfection. With a relaxed, southern feel, it is the perfect place to start an Annapolis morning.

Offering shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles and homemade pop tarts, it’s hard for me to decide on a favorite. If I had to choose, the Waffle Burger is a must-try. Who knew putting a burger between two waffles would be so delicious? Not breakfast-y enough for you? They’ll add bacon and an egg on request.