Los Angeles has a reputation for many things including Hollywood, shopping, and amazingly unique food. The LA food scene is known for being really green, really healthy, and a fusion of a variety of different cultures. But what are some of the most LA-like foods and restaurants that you can find that fit that image? Here are 9 of the most uniquely LA, LA foods that you are almost guaranteed to only find in this city.

1. Frozen Juice from Pressed Juicery


Photo courtesy of @katecallaway on instagram

If frozen yogurt isn’t healthy enough for you, try LA’s new take on healthy ice cream in the form of frozen juice. With six different but equally delicious flavors including greens freeze, roots freeze, citrus freeze, fruits freeze and more, you won’t even miss the extra sugar and calories in frozen yogurt. Frozen juice is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free so all people alike can enjoy such a refreshing treat.

2. Short Rib Taco from Kogi BBQ Truck


Photo courtesy of @kogibbq on instagram

With the thriving Korean and Mexican cultures in LA, it comes to no surprise that the two flavor profiles have collided in the form of Kogi’s BBQ food truck. The menu features a variety of fusion dishes such as kogi kimchi quesadillas, tofu burritos, and the oh-so-popular short rib taco. Be sure to add kimchi for $1 more to any of the dishes for an extra Korean flavor profile kick.

3. Vegan Sushi from Shojin Downtown


Photo courtesy of Shojin

Only LA could make vegan sushi so delicious in a way that you wouldn’t even miss the fish. The restaurant’s menu includes spicy “tuna” sushi with tofu instead of tuna, a baked scallop roll with mushrooms instead of scallops, and a green forest roll that features tempura broccoli. Although some rolls are vegan takes on many of the most popular rolls in sushi, you won’t find yourself craving the dairy or the fish.

4. Avocado Salad Pizza from EVO Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @shelbss1231 on instagram

Chicago and New York aren’t the only places that offer delicious pizza. LA does pizza too – just with healthy greens on top. EVO Kitchen’s avocado salad pizza combines some of LA’s favorite ingredients including kale and avocado for a delicious and relatively light take on pizza.

5. Juice ATM from Kreation Juice


Photo courtesy of @kreationjuice on instagram

Looking for a new way to satisfy your juice craving? Kreation Juicery has opened LA’s first 24 hour juice ATM, similar to Sprinkle’s cupcake ATM, for customers who want a convenient way to pick up juice or who crave juice after store hours. Additionally, Kreation Juicery also has a juice truck that sells juice for customers on the go. Try their syringe shots if you’re in need of an extra boost of nutrients.

6. Vegan Donuts from Donut Friend


Photo courtesy of Donut Friend

Another food allergy and vegan friendly location to visit is Donut Friend. This store markets themselves as a DIY donut shop with donuts that are completely egg and dairy free. If you don’t want to make your own donut, feel free to try many of their popular compilation donuts such as their bacon 182 donut with coconut instead of bacon or their most popular strawberry lab donut.

7. Chocolate Avocado Milkshake from Humble Potato


Photo courtesy of @humblepotato on instagram

LA’s obsession with the avocado continues but this time in the form of dessert. Although chocolate and avocado may seem like an odd combination at first, many customers have raved about how the shake is not overly sweet and perfectly creamy. Try it with one of their delicious burgers if you are looking for something different.

8. Juice Flights from Juice Served Here


Photo courtesy of @healthyskinnybitchdk on instagram

Only in LA can you get a flight of juice. With Juice Served Here’s flight of juices, you are taken on a journey of 10 of their preselected juices. Not only do you get to sample a variety of juices before you splurge on one, but you also get an Insta-worthy picture out of the colorful shots.

9. Phorito from Komodo


Photo courtesy of @komodofood on instagram

The now-common sushirrito can step aside and make way for the phorito. A phorito contains everything in pho in a portable burrito form. If you prefer ramen over pho, try Komodo’s very own ramen burrito. Order a side of kimchi nachos to complete your Asian-Mexican fusion meal.