It is not surprising that recommending restaurants to visiting parents is challenging. We’re students, we haven’t ventured beyond places that offer 2 for 1 meals. But hey, we too deserve to experience the finer things in life, i.e. good food. This list of fancy Edinburgh restaurants will make your weekend with the parentals much more enjoyable, I guarantee it.



Photo courtesy of @thetimberyard from Tumblr

My personal favourite is Timberyard. This place is visually stunning and extremely cozy at the same time. Whether you’re ordering an 8-course menu or just spending your evening at the bar, you’re gonna be having a good time. They also have a cute outside seating area for all you optimists out there.

These guys also have an absolutely exquisite Instagram page that is well worth checking out.

2. The Dome


Photo courtesy of The Dome from Facebook

The Dome offers absolutely beautiful visuals. The food is beyond lovely, offering everything from afternoon tea to an a la carte dinner menu with traditional items such as haggis and the above-featured Scottish venison fillet. Dining in an old bank also feels very regal, beautifully-topped off with a 360° bar in the centre.

3. Cucina


Photo courtesy of G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh from Facebook

Cucina is the restaurant inside the Missoni Hotel, so you know it’s gonna be classy. I had afternoon tea here with my parents, and will definitely make them take me back. I have also heard wonderful things about their dinner menu, featuring rib eye steak, trout and pumpkin risotto.

4. The Dogs


Photo courtesy of @hen_ydogsedin from Instagram

This smallish, upstairs restaurant will give you a great atmosphere, wonderful food and lots of doggy artwork. Game pie was on the menu last time I went – it did not disappoint. Other menu items include the rib steak that is pictured above.

5. The Gardener’s Cottage


Photo courtesy of

This little cottage with a garden is just past Calton Hill. All the ingredients are locally sourced from their garden in the back and are presented through a 6-course a la carte menu. Their menu changes according to what they are growing, so you’re always in for some surprises.

6. Angels with Bagpipes


Photo courtesy of Angels with Bagpipes from Facebook

On the Royal Mile, in a classic building from the 17th century, this place offers an absolutely beautiful dining experience. Menu items include scallops, steak tartar and lamb rump.

7. Steak


Photo courtesy of Steak Restaurant from Facebook

This is a meat lover’s paradise. Enough said.

8. Ship on the Shore


Photo courtesy of @snigl3t from Flickr

If seafood and champagne is your jam, Ship on the Shore is the spread for you. They serve some absolutely glorious platters – the fact that it is located on the bank of Water of Leith really adds to the dining experience, offering a sense of authenticity.

9. Origano


Photo courtesy of Origano from Facebook

Finally, this is a crowd-pleaser because everyone loves pizza. Origano have also made sure not to exclude anybody by offering both vegetarian and completely vegan pizzas. You’re welcome.