Whether you're hungry from a late night out with your friends or simply alone and starving at 2 AM, here's a list of 9 delicious food options right by UCF to help you out.

These food options range from Mexican fast food, to sandwiches, to breakfast and lunch choices and are sure to satisfy your late night needs. And believe me, going to one of the largest schools means you'll always be hanging out with people. These places are perfect for those late nights when you're #hangry with your friends.

1. Pita Pit

If you ever find yourself craving a good sandwich at 3 AM, this is the place for you. The Pita Pit offers over 20 different variations of pita sandwiches available to you when you have those late night hunger pangs. 

Closing time: 3:30 AM

Nearest location: 12140 Collegiate Way 

2. Del Taco

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Del Taco is a Mexican fast food stop option open 24 hours. It's a great option for students that need their Mexican food fix around the clock.

Hours: 24 hour

Nearest location: 12025 Collegiate Way


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A personal favorite, IHOP is one of only two places near campus where you can find breakfast at every hour. If late breakfast is not really your thing, remember, they also have late night dinner options like burgers and fries. If you still want breakfast, but not anything too filing, try the Silver 5. You'll get five mini pancakes and the perfect portions of eggs and bacon - delish. 

Hours: 24 hours

Nearest location: 11571 University Boulevard 

4. Jimmy Johns

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In the mood for a good sandwich to fill you up at night? Jimmy Johns has you covered. The Jimmy Johns on University closes at 3 AM and if you want some before midnight, the Jimmy Johns at Knight's Plaza delivers to dorms.

 Closing time: 3 AM 

 Nearest location open at 2 AM: 11565 University Boulevard 

5. Denny's

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The one breakfast spot to grab some food besides IHOP, you will be sure to find pancakes at any time you desire them. Even better, they offer amazing hot chocolate topped with whipped cream to pair with your meal that will leave you wanting more.

Hours: 24 hours

Nearest location: 11915 East Colonial Drive

6. Taco Bell

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Another Mexican fast food place, Taco Bell is a classic hit where you can find your perfect stuffed taco shell at any time before 5 AM. 

Closing time: at 5 AM

Nearest location: 11893 East Colonial Drive 

7. Checkers

Perfect for when you crave greasy goodness at 2 AM. They serve American style fast food including burgers, fries and shakes.

 Closing time: 5 AM

Nearest location: 11816 East Colonial Drive

8. McDonald's

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If you're still wanting quick service late into the night and arguably the best fast food fries ever, look no further. The McDonald's on University Boulevard is always open for your pleasure. Grab some chicken nuggets and go and you can be back to your dorm within minutes.

 Hours: 24 hours

Nearest location: 12305 University Boulevard

9. Wawa

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Want a huge variety of options at 2 AM in the morning? Wawa is the place for you. Don't let the gas station exterior fool you--they serve virtually everything, from subs to soup to chili. Mac 'n cheese is always the raved about menu option amongst peers, so if you find you need that 2 AM, definitely stop by and you won't be dissapointed.

Hours: 24 hours

Nearest location: 3000 Alafaya Trail