Being a student of any of the South campus colleges helps you realize how cool the life here is. We have Satya Niketan, which is a blessing for everyone. From momos to desserts, one can fulfill so many of their food cravings here. You can easily spend the 3 years of your Delhi University time trying different dishes from various food joints here. We give Satya Niketan extra brownie points for not being heavy on the pockets of the students, who are sometimes (i.e. always) broke.

In the course of years you spend here, you will have a lot of time to explore and try the various cafes. If you are confused about the ones you should start with, here is a list of 9 cafes that you just cannot miss:

1. ECHOES- Eat Engage Energize

Satya Niketan

Photo by Mehak Dhawan

ECHOES- Eat Engage Energize is a well known cafe for its concept and food. It is a lovely place which is managed by specially-abled staff. They have cards and bells on the tables for whenever you want the waiters attention (You’ll have to call them when you need the third serving of your shake, no?).

Cost: ₹600 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Butter Chicken Pizza, All Shakes (Yes, all of them!)

2. Big Yellow Door

Satya Niketan

Photo by Bhavya Bansal

Big Yellow Door needs no special introduction. It is the ultimate go-to place of every college student. The cozy ambiance, delectable food and mouth-watering shakes are what makes this place so popular. It will never fail in giving the oh-so-good vibes.

Cost: ₹600 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Juicy Burger, Nachos Baked Dish

3. Wood Box Cafe

Satya Niketan

Photo courtesy of @woodboxcafedelhi on Instagram

Wood Box Cafe is the perfect place to go on one of your lazy days. The wooden interiors scream “chill” the moment you enter the cafe. They have popular liquor bottles cut into glasses for beverages that are perfect for the hot days.

Cost: ₹750 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Mother of Chicken Burger, Black Forest Cake Shake

4. Dishoom

Satya Niketan

Photo Courtesy of Zomato

With a Royal Enfield displayed on the balcony, Dishoom fully justifies its name. It has a typical Bollywood action movie sort of feel. Once you are done admiring the ambiance of the place, you won’t be disappointed by the food and drinks they have either.

Cost: ₹800 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Phantom Cottage Cheese, Makhmali Chicken Satay

5. Cafe Sportsvilla

Satya Niketan

Photo Courtesy of Zomato

As the name suggests, Cafe Sportsvilla is a sports themed cafe. It has various sports related posters, caricatures and flags all around the place. Whether or not you are a sport junkie, the food and beverages here will work their magic on you.

Cost: ₹600 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Cottage Cheese Burger, South Campus Sandwich

6. Backbenchers

Satya Niketan

Photo by Niharika Maggo

With its colorful and cheerful ambiance, Backbenchers is the feel-good place you need in your life. You can choose to sit on the chairs, but they have bean bags too(yes, they are cool like that). They have an enormous menu which offers you ample number of dishes to choose from.

Cost: ₹700 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Tandoori Platter, Chilly Chicken

7. QRO Gourmeteriia

Satya Niketan

Photo by Simran Mathur

QRO Gourmeteriia is one of the new additions to Satya Niketan. The place has a quirky ambiance with pretty lighting, brilliantly made walls and fun seating. Once you are done choosing your seat, you can choose the dishes that are going to answer your hunger calls.

Cost: ₹600 for two

#SpoonRecommends: QRO Special Maggie, Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce

8. Thikaana

Satya Niketan

Photo Courtesy of VasuSodhi_zomato

Thikaana is a dim lit cafe with little light bulbs all around. Their ambiance consists of everything red and black. Also, take out some time to appreciate their well-thought menu which is pretty damn good.

Cost: ₹550 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Alfredo Pasta, Thikaana Special Maggi Pizza

9. Hera Pheri Cafe

Satya Niketan

Photo Courtesy of Zomato

Hera Pheri Cafe has a very pleasant ambiance with colorful sofas and chairs. What grabs your attention are the lamps that hang on the wall upside down. Their cutely made menu has a vast number of dishes and beverages to choose from.

Cost: ₹500 for two

#SpoonRecommends: Golgappa Shot, Oreo Shake