Brunch is definitely the most important meal of any (college student's) day. A good brunch is essential to power you through the hangovers/darties/library campouts that life throws at you. Lucky for Tufts University students (and everyone who lives in Medford and Sommerville), the hill is literally surrounded by brunch spots.

The Classic: Sound Bites

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I think all Jumbos agree that Sound Bites is the quintessential Tufts brunch. Though you may have to wait 30 minutes in the gross New England tundra to get a seat, it's totally worth it because of the stuffed french toast, breakfast bowls, and eggs benedict galore.

What to order: A side of pancakes and a side of eggs. You don't have to make the decision between sweet and savory, and it's way cheaper than one of their breakfast plates (but truthfully everything is amazing here).

#SpoonTip: Go at an off-time (brunch at 3 pm anyone?) and they'll still be serving breakfast food. You can also order takeout from Sound Bites—for that too, off-times are best (for instance, they may not deliver on weekend mornings).

Eating for the insta: Tamper

Tamper is on point with trendy foods (avo toast, steel-cut oats, quinoa, etc). There is a seemingly constant crew of hardcore studiers around if that's your vibe, but also don't feel bad about doing whatever you need to do to get the right angle for the Instagram of your #yolkporn if that's your vibe. This is an especially convenient brunch spot if you live uphill.

What to order: Treating yo' self to something fresh (avocado) and trendy, like the eggs over mash or oatmeal.

Cheap Eats: Magnificent Muffin

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Mag Muff is the go-to for all your bagel sandwich and enormous muffin needs. Fast, cheap and close to campus, Mag Muff is every college student's dream.

What to order: A BEC bagel sandwich for now (breakfast time) and a muffin for later (when you're stuck in Tisch).

The Splurge: Istanbul'lu 

Istanbul'lu has quite the brunch spread, with all amazing, authentic Turkish specialties. It's definitely not your average college brunch—which also makes it perfect for when you want to impress your family over parents weekend. Istanbul'lu is a great opportunity to try something new.

What to order: Try something out of your comfort zone.

The Dive: Renee's

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Renee's is super cozy and has a great homestyle (and v cheap) brunch. The pancakes are ginormous and fluffy, and the coffee is truly beautiful. Rumor has it the line can be as long as Sound Bites', but this local favorite is much closer to Tufts (only three blocks from Lewis).

What to order: Blueberry pancakes. Or a specialty omelette. Or anything here, tbh.

#SpoonTip: Go after the breakfast rush, closer to 12:30 pm (but not too late because they close at 1:30 pm every day). Also, make sure you have cash on hand because they're cash only.

Davis Square: Blue Shirt Cafe

The Blue Shirt Cafe is totally underrated. Not only do they have great wraps and rice bowls, but they serve enormous breakfast platters (that are unbelievably delish). Only a quick Joey ride away, the Blue Shirt Cafe can even make you feel ,healthy at brunch with one of their fresh juices or smoothies, too.

What to order: The mushroom/goat cheese omelette and breakfast platter (but show up hungry for sure).

The Renegade: Ball Square Cafe

Above I declared Sound Bites the epitome of brunch (and I stand by that), but Ball Square Cafe is exceptional in its own right, as demonstrated by their equally long line to Sound Bites. (Read up on the legendary Ball Square/Sound Bites feud here.) 

What to order: The omelettes! Or the stuffed french toast if you're feeling extravagant.

Fancy: Mr. Crêpe

Because who doesn't love crêpes? Mr. Crêpe is certainly not exclusive to brunch-time, but if you're in a fancy-pancake mood, Mr. Crêpe has got you covered with sweet fruit crêpes and savory veggie crêpes (add a fried egg and you've got brunch).

What to order: Building your own crêpe, so you can get all your favs wrapped up in one.

On-campus: Dewick

Those strawberries though! Bring your tupperware and get ready to wait 15 minutes in the waffle line (worth it because there's no way you're making waffles in your dorm room when you're on an unlimited meal plan). Dewick goes all-out for brunch, so there's no harm in staying on campus if you sleep in.

What to order: Cocoa Krispies with almond milk and strawberries.

#SpoonTip: Remember that Dew doesn't open till 11AM on Sundays, so you may have to trek up to Carm.

Happy brunching!