The one question every vegetarian gets tired of hearing?

“Don’t you miss meat?” No, I don’t miss meat or else I would still eat it, DUH.

Luckily, we just ignore the idiots and ~swerve~ from the haters and keep on doing us. “Rabbit food” is the best, and here are nine delicious dishes that will make even the crazy carnivores agree with us.

1. Falafel Burger @ Clementine Cafe

What’s falafel you ask? DELICIOUSNESS. Actually, though, here’s a link to get the 411 on falaf.

2. Breakfast Quesadilla @ The Artful Dodger

Cheese, veggies, eggs, tater tots (yes, you read that correctly), drooling.

3. Margarita Pizza @ Bella Luna

Great lunch with locally sourced ingredients #virginiamade #bellalunapizza

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oh mah lawd. Die hard pizza lovers, check out these cool pizza mashups.

4. Sen Yai @ Beyond

Rice noodles with shiitake mushroom gravy + veggies = WOW. Crazy for shrooms? Make this recipe.

5. Tyropita @ Dave’s Taverna

Up late studying tonight? Stop by Dave's to get yourself a late night snack! We're open until 3am!!

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Three words: Fried mac n’ cheese. Need I say more?

6. Eggplant Parmigiana @ Vito’s Italian Kitchen

Growlers are now available for $8

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Crispy, crunchy fried eggplant smothered in sauce and cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Every vegetarian’s (and meat lover’s) dream come true.

7. Veggie Fajitas @ El Charro

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All of the grilled veggies your little heart can take plus some bangin’ rice and beans topped off with homemade guacamole. If you love guac more than life (and who doesn’t) make this killer recipe.

8. Black Bean Cake Sandwich @ Union Station

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Didn’t think you were a fan of beans? Think again. This lil’ baby is topped with a red pepper relish, cheese (la duh), tomatoes, and chipotle mayo all while being served on a hot n’ toasty bun.

9. Veggie Brunch Bowl @ Food.Bar.Food

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Gotta throw in a dish for all the brunch lovers out there. Picture cheddar grits topped with black bean chili, two fried eggs and fresh pico. AND A BISCUIT. Crying. DIY your own brunch here.

It’s time to say “see yaaaa” to meat, embrace the veggies, and apologize to all the veg heads out there (myself included) because you won’t even be missing that piece of bacon.