Maybe you’re too hungover to breathe, maybe you just want a goddamn sandwich, or maybe you’re tired of the same three places you and your friends always default to for lunch. Either way, Burlington is home to some exceptional sandwich choices. Yes, these are some of the best, but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Red Onion’s Red Onion Sandwich


photo by @girlie_gourmand on Instagram

The most well-known sandwich at Red Onion is named after the shop itself. Turkey, fat strips of bacon, crisp green apples and onions stack over each other and lie snuggly between two pieces of airy fresh toasted bread. Swiped with a layer of sundried tomato mayo and melted smoked maple cheddar, this sandwich is crisp, sweet, and savory all at the same time.

2.  The Shopping Bag’s Sizzler


Photo by @girlie_gourmand on Instagram

So the Shopping Bag is this tiny convenience store located in Burlington’s North End. But please do not be fooled by the shop itself. Directly to the left of the entrance is a grill top and small kitchen area where the sultry sizzler is made. A quarter pound of delicious beef topped with Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, bacon, American cheese, provolone cheese, mustard, ketchup and mayo. If you’re feeling extra saucy ask for them to throw mozzy sticks on in there. *Chokes back tears of joy*

3. Four Corners of the Earth’s Iraqi Turkey


Photo by @alice_davis242 on Instagram

First things first; they only accept cash, so come prepared. That being said, every single sandwich on the menu, meat and veggie alike, is undeniable. My personal suggestion; just ask whoever’s behind the counter to make you a sandwich. If you’re not feeling that adventurous default to the Iraqi turkey, it has avocado and a medley of spices. You won’t be disappointed. The sandwiches take a little extra time because of the TLC, you can’t rush perfection, so don’t expect a quick in and out.

4. Great Harvest Bread Company’s Northwoods


Photo by @charles_mcgillicutty on Instagram

Just down the road from Four Corners is Great Harvest Bread Company. Long before your hand touches the front door handle you are hit with a wave of fresh baked goodness. While their sweet treats are something for another article entirely their sandwiches are a close second. They prove that bread is the foundation of a perfect sandwich. Their Northwoods Sandwich conisists of basil pesto, roasted portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and provolone on fresh Nine grain bread (This one’s for all you veggie monsters… you’re welcome)

5. Kountry Kart Deli’s Triple Threat


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The triple threat comes with triple the goodness. Bacon, sausage and ham topped with 3 eggs and 3 hash browns with 3 times the cheese. You may have a heart attack after eating it, but you won’t even care. Also just to add to all of this KKD is open until 3 in the AM (but I’m sure most of y’all already knew that).

6. Henry Street Deli’s Bacon, Egg & Cheese


Photo by @lovermonteaatss on Instagram

Sometimes it’s just necessary to go back to the OG delicious sandwiches. I honestly can’t tell you what makes Henry Street’s BEC better than the rest. Maybe it’s they’re generous bacon to everything else ratio, or maybe it’s the laid back groovy UV feel you instantaneously get upon walking through the door, either way, head over, order up, and dig in.


7. City Market’s North Country Melt


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City Market is Burlington’s Coop, teaming with local events and local friends. That being said it is almost inevitable that they would make it onto this list, with their local ingredients and fresh baked daily delivered breads. So yes, the North Country Melt takes the best of Vermont; Shelburne farms cheddar, turkey, bacon, greens, tomatoes, banana peppers, red onions and honey mustard, on fresh local Red Hen Cyrus Pringle bread. Never have I wanted so badly to be the girl from the north country.

8. M. Saigon’s Banh Mi Sandwich


Photo by @uvmbored on Instagram

Burlington actually has an amazingly wonderful Vietnamese cuisine scene, and for that reason, M. Saigon has made the cut. The Banh Mi sandwich is a staple in almost all Vietnamese cafes. Like the traditional Banh Mi this sandwich is stuffed full of crispy pork, thinly sliced pickled carrot and daikon, cucumbers, mayo, and long stalks of fresh cilantro. If you have an itchin’ for spice, you can add chili peppers too. (P.S. they also have bubble tea).

9. Bove’s Cafe’s Meatball Grinder


photo by @buenosdiazmusic on Instagram

Bove’s sauce can be found on many a supermarket shelf. In fact, Bove’s was featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, because their lasagna is really just that good. So the next time you’re in the mood for a sandwich just like Nonna makes it head over to Bove’s for a meatball grinder.