9. Commons Salad 

While it may be hard to discover the best salads around Bucknell's campus, the ninth one on my list was not hard to find! This is an obvious one for any Bucknell student with a dining plan (pre-pandemic), and conveniently located near the library for those late night study sessions. My most recent order was kale base, spaghetti squash, pickled onions, cilantro lime chicken, roasted cabbage, and parmesan cheese. I always ask for my dressing on the side so I can branch out and try the fun new ones the commons rotates through and not feel committed to them without knowing if I like them. I got caesar and habanero ranch for this one! 

Abby Tate

8. MOD Pizza

Although it is a bit of a drive, MOD has a build your own salad option to accompany your pizza. It’s the best of both worlds! They have a mini size, mod size, and a mega size. You could also make a salad on top of a pizza if you are feeling extra adventurous. 

7. Towne Tavern

The arugula salad (I add shrimp) is a hidden gem at Townie. Sun Dried tomatoes, roasted bell pepper, and goat cheese combine so well together. What I especially love about this salad is the creamy parmesan cheese dressing that comes with it. 

6. The Miller Center

Arugula, walnuts, blue cheese (I sub feta), grapes, topped with balsamic and the most deliciously seasoned hot pita bread on the side. Need I say more? Often I also add protein of either avocado, chicken, bacon, egg, or just make my own salad depending on my mood. You can also use campus dollars here which is so convenient!

5. Fuji

Although this salad is definitely not going to be your main course, it is so good I had to add it to my list. Ask for the house salad and you will get a classic iceberg lettuce and ginger dressing to kick off your meal!

4. Ard’s

Ard’s has fantastic salads year round! This past fall I really enjoyed one with a bed of mixed greens, apples, chicken, feta cheese, cranberries, and an apple vinaigrette. Super filling, but I always make room for extra cornbread on the side! 

Abby Tate

3. Toninos

This salad is amazing, filling, and a great source of protein. I order the buffalo chicken salad with grilled chicken and ranch. It comes with so much chicken I sometimes make it last for two meals. Also, it comes with 2 mini slices of “pizza” (cheesy bread), so if you’re debating a slice or a salad, this salad gets both jobs done!

Abby Tate

2. Amami 

Next time you stop in Amami for breakfast, try adding an over medium egg and sausage to the spinach salad. It sounds weird, but it's a great way to add "dressing" in the form of protein. Amami also has a sister restaurant in Selinsgrove called The Kind Cafe. They also boast a nice selection of salads!

Abby Tate

1. Matty’s 

Don't be fooled. Just because Matty's is a bar, it doesn't preclude them from having bomb salads. My favorite salad in Lewisburg is the kale harvest salad. I often add salmon on top, but they also have chicken and other forms of protein. Check it out! It will definitely be on the top of your best salads list as well!

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