Weekend brunch has become a staple of modern culture. With its infamous egg-topped sandwiches and the chance to add bacon to any dish with zero judgement, who wouldn't love a meal where chefs get a little freaky with their waffles and weekend snoozers actually have an excuse for omelets at two in the afternoon. But what about those of us who want just a little bit more? What if I need my burger with a side of breakfast potatoes, but on a Thursday instead of Sunday? 

As an enthusiast of this breakfast-lunch phenomena, I have spent many a days scouring Kansas City for its best Benedict and Mimosa. In my endeavors I have found it heart-wrenching that so many restaurants have limited such a beautiful meal conjunction to only two of our seven-day week. To fight it, I've put together this list of my 9 Best Kansas City Locations for Weekday Brunch so that no KC foodie will ever be left brunchless.

1. Eggtc.

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Brooke Billings

My absolute go-to; Eggtc. is the very definition of all things brunch. I have friends who would swear up and down by their Salmon and Goat Cheese Crepes, but with its balance of spinach, avocado, turkey, egg and a BOMB hollandaise sauce the Turkey Florentine is a personal favorite of mine. And if you're looking for a vegetarian option try their mushroom biscuits and gravy for a spin on the breakfast classic. 

2. The Corner Restaurant 

A neighborhood staple at the corner of Westport and Broadway, The Corner Restaurant is dedicated to combining savory American flavors with the fresh produces of local farms. My current love is their twist on Chicken and Waffles (pictured above), but with a menu that changes seasonally if you see something you like make sure you grab it while they've got it.

3. Heirloom Bakery and Hearth 

A quant little place in Brookside, Heirloom may very well be the "trendiest" spot on my brunching list. Known for their BYOB—Build your own Biscuit—it offers a variety of both breakfast and lunch staples as well as a unique and mouthwatering bakery. To be honest sometimes I go here just for their bread. Yeah it's THAT good... Seriously try the Challah.  

4. You Say Tomato

You Say Tomato is one of those total hole-in-the-wall places. No one really knows if they're more of a grocery or a deli or a café but anyone who's tried it will hands down agree they have the best french toast in the Kansas City area. The menu may be a little limited but everything that comes out of this place is made from scratch so you know you can't go wrong. 

5. Chez Elle Crêperie & Coffeehouse

Crepes, crepes, crepes and oh yeah did I mention crepes? From sweet to savory Chez Elle has got you covered for every crepe imaginable and, with an owner who used to live in France, you know you're getting the real deal. Located in Westside this crêperie has an adorable atmosphere as it's converted from what used to be an old theater building. To top it all off they even have a buckwheat batter for your gluten-free and/or vegan friends. 

6. Succotash

So delicious and so quirky Succotash actually made its way onto Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dines. While Guy Fieri once recommend their pork hash, I think their Brunch-style short rib sandwich can do no wrong—It's actually a short rib sandwich with an egg on top; how could any true bruncher say no to that?

7. First Watch 

With 3 locations in the Kansas City area, First Watch is an obvious brunch staple. Known for their dedication to freshness everything here is made-to-order and even the juices are hand squeezed daily. For the health-nuts out there this is definitely the brunch location for you. First Watch even has a power menu for those looking to get a little extra protein into their morning-midday meal. 

8. Blue Bird Bistro

A place where delicious meets organic Blue Bird Bistro is my brunch location for anyone trying to eat a little more natural. Sourced by local farms and organic grocers I've never had a bad thing on the menu and last time I was there they had this locally farmed bison sausage that was absolute fire

9. Baked in Kansas City 

The last but definitely not the least on my list of weekday bruncheries, Baked in Kansas City is no restaurant to be forgotten. Located in the heart of Westport this French-inspired bakery is known not only for their everyday brunch but also their decadent pastries. With a menu that ranges from cranberry scone sandwiches to apple cinnamon coffee cakes this place really is one of those that has just a little something for everyone. 

So regardless of what the social trends may tell you, if you're just really feeling that brunch on a weekday, you are not alone. I feel you and so do these Kanas City restaurants. The next Wednesday you wake up craving crepes, have no fear. If its a Monday and you really need a scrambled eggs with your BLT, these places get it.  Honestly enjoy your brunch any day and every day because why would anyone want to reserve America's best meal for only Saturday and Sunday?