Finals season is upon us. You know that all you need to do is focus, but the thought of descending to the depths of Main Stacks depresses you, and besides, it would be impossible to find a spot.

Where can you go that is relatively quiet, has a lot of coffee, and provides a somewhat cheerier atmosphere than a library? Try one of these local Berkeley cafes perfect for studying.

1. Yali's Cafe

beer, wine
Emily Breay

Facing the enchanting Hearst Mining Circle from Stanley Hall, this campus location of Yali's Cafe makes for a relaxing study spot, especially around sunset. The cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating and serves up delicious pastries and coffee drinks like the Red Eye, their espresso-coffee combination that is sure to help you focus on that paper. 

2. Beanery

grass, coffee, pasture
Emily Breay

Though this cafe is not as close to campus, Beanery is worth the walk (or the 51B trip) down College Avenue. They offer a wide variety of coffee beverages and teas, and the back patio full of pretty plants will make you feel more relaxed than Moffitt ever could. 

3. The Coffee Lab

beer, wine
Emily Breay

If you have a few dollars (yes, cash only) and are near the chemistry building, this mini cafe can provide the perfect on-campus, distinctively chill study spot.  The Coffee Lab is rarely crowded and extremely quiet, and offers delicious coffee for only $1.50. 

4. Sack's Coffee House

coffee, wine
Emily Breay

Located just a few blocks down College Avenue, Sack's is a beautifully decorated, spacious, indoor cafe that serves a variety of specialty bagels and hand-crafted espresso drinks. This cafe will have you out of the library and resting with your laptop on one of the sacks of coffee beans that outline its walls. 

5. Cafe Blue Door

Emily Breay

This Bancroft cafe provides beautiful indoor seating and an extensive menu of food and coffee. There are many outlets for long hours of studying and large tables for spreading out work materials, making Cafe Blue Door a prime Berkeley study spot. 

6. SoDoI Tasting House

pizza, beer, cake
Luna Zhang

A strong, delicious cup of hand drip coffee can be found underneath the Underhill Parking structure right next to Unit 3 at SoDoI Tasting House. This specialty coffee cafe's atmosphere is calming, but its walls are inspiring. Here, you can study amongst murals of motivational quotes and figures that can give you the confidence to ace that exam. Anything's better than the stone walls of Main Stacks, right?  

7. Cafe Milano

beer, wine
Emily Breay

Milano is perfect for those chilly dead week days when you could also use a cheap, hot meal. This well-known Berkeley cafe right on Bancroft, across the street from Sproul, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for studying. With entirely indoor seating and a simple, but satisfying menu of hot sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, and of course, teas and coffees, Milano is a Berkeley favorite. 

8. Common Grounds

Emily Breay

This cafe is actually an extension of the campus Peet's coffee located on the top floor of Dwinelle. However, it makes the list because it offers such a serene study space. With small tables that overlook the beautiful labyrinth that is Dwinelle, Common Grounds is perfect for hour-break cram sessions and meal point coffee.   

9. Caffe Strada

cake, beer, tea, coffee
Emily Breay

A classic. Strada is a well-known study spot for Berkeley students. With its proximity to campus, long hours, expansive outdoor seating, and heaters that keep the most studious night owls warm, it's hard to go wrong when studying here. They also make a wonderful cappuccino.

If stationing yourself in a single spot and praying for productivity and a generous curve is a necessary evil in your life right now, why not make that spot a warm, welcoming local cafe? You might just find your new favorite study spot.