The state of Virginia is home to over 250 wineries, several of which are just a short Uber ride away. One of the more frequented local vineyards is Trump Winery, owned by the son of the infamous Donald Trump.

However, if you’re not team Trump, we recommend you visit one of the following Virginia wineries. The less guilt that comes with your wine-induced hangover, the better.

1. Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards


Photo courtesy of @pippinhillfarm on Instagram

Located on the top of a beautiful hill, Pippin Hill is a charming destination that offers great food and even better wine to enjoy with friends and family. It’s the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the unrivaled view of Virginia’s wine country, while sipping on one of Pippin Hill’s signature Sauvignon Blancs.

2. King Family Vineyards


Photo by Collette Block

King Family Vineyards is the place to go if you want to enjoy a glass of wine while watching a polo match. If you’d rather set up a picnic with friends, don’t worry you can do that too. King Family Vineyards boasts a large yard with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and plenty of room for both activities (and lots of wine of course).

#SpoonTip: Make sure to try their Viognier.

3. Keswick Vineyards


Photo courtesy of @keswickvineyard on Instagram

Keswick Vineyards is a family and pet-friendly award winning winery. Bring the whole crew to this beautiful spot to sit and sip at one of the many picnic tables that populate the winery or venture over to the fenced-in dog park and let your dog in on the fun.

4. Stinson Vineyards


Photo by Abby Mainwaring

Stinson Vineyards was recently named one of the South’s Best Vineyards by Southern Living and is known for its French-inspired winemaking techniques and its design. The vineyard originated as a small three-car garage that was inspired by the ‘garagiste’ wineries in the Bordeaux region of France.

5. Blenheim Vineyards


Photo courtesy of @blenheimvineyards on Instagram

If you’re in search of a more casual wine tasting experience, Blenheim should be your winery of choice. Inspired by its owner Dave Matthews, Blenheim Vineyards holds small concerts with regularity and often invites food trucks to the vineyard.

If the weather is less than superb, Blenheim Vineyards‘ tasting room offers gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a lot of natural light that lets you still enjoy the great outdoors.

6. Barboursville Vineyards


Photo courtesy of @barboursville on Instagram

Barboursville Vineyards is a must see for any American history or archaeology buff; the vineyards’ lawns include the historic Landmark Ruins of the mansion Jefferson had built for the Virginia Governor, James Barbour. Take a stroll through the lawns while enjoying one of Barboursville Vineyards’ vintages.

7. Veritas Vineyard & Winery


Photo courtesy of @veritaswinery on Instagram

Owned and run by the entire Hodson family, Veritas includes over 50 acres of beautiful Virginia land on which the Hodson’s grow and produce their wine. Veritas also conveniently partners with the Farmhouse at Veritas, a quaint bed & breakfast next door that is the perfect place to sleep off your buzz.

8. Jefferson Vineyards


Photo courtesy of @jeffersonvineyards on Instagram

The closest vineyard to Charlottesville, Jefferson Vineyards has a rich history. Its roots extend all the way back to 1773 when Thomas Jefferson himself helped start the vineyard. If you love history as much as you love wine, be sure to stop by for an afternoon visit and taste their signature Meritage.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to grab a bite next door at Salt Artisan Market for a locally sourced sandwich or salad.