Ever wondered what is on a Starbucks Menu abroad? Well we've got you covered! If you happen to be traveling abroad you may want to stop by a Starbucks location and get your hands on an exclusive menu item you won't find here.

Most of Starbucks' success is due to their international locations, where an emphasis on culture is present. Like other food chains, Starbucks adds menu items that cater both to the culture and preference of each country. There are currently more than 20,000  stores across 70 countries. 

Ready to hop around the globe?

*Note: some of these items may have already been discontinued or are not in season.

1. Fruit-Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino 

Available in China & Asia Pacific 

If you’re looking for something crisp and sweet, look no further than this refreshing Fruit-Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino. Perfectly layered with yogurt, blended with fruit flavors, jelly, and topped off with fresh fruit. Flavors are available in mango and strawberry. It is sure to keep you cool even on sweltering days.

Bonus: Ask for whipped cream on top if you’re feeling extra indulgent!

2. Sunrise Apple Juice

Available in South Korea

Not only can you watch the sunrise, but you can also drink it with Korea’s Sunrise Apple Juice. This beverage is layered in a gradient fashion with apple juice and passionfruit tea. Just looking at the bright and appetizing colors will brighten up your day.

3. Cherry Blossom Frappuccino®

Available in Japan

This drink is inspired by Japan's cherry blossom season. The drink itself is blended with milk, white bean jam, condensed milk, and sakura blossoms. To contrast with the sakura blossom's tartness, the Frappucino is topped with a maple sauce whipped cream and pink white chocolate flakes. Lastly, the drink is finished with a sprinkle of roasted mochi rice.  

4. Iced Honey Vanilla Macchiato

Available in Australia

This delicious and refreshing drink is made with steamed milk, honey, and vanilla. If the sugar from the honey doesn't mask the boldness of the espresso ask your barista to drizzle Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, mixed with brown sugar and salt on top. The combination of soothing ingredients and espresso will keep you alert yet relaxed.

5. Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Available in Australia

For the cheesecake lover, Australia's Strawberry Cheesecake Frappucino is a dream come true. Swirled with a strawberry purée and topped off with a whipped sweet cream cheese; similar to whipped cheesecake but lighter in texture. The drink is completed with a sprinkle of graham crackers.

*Learn how to order your own here!  

6. Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate

Available in the U.K., France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany

Let’s jump to the other side of the thermometer spectrum with this hot chocolate infused drink. Containing nut almond syrup, topped off with smooth chocolate whipped cream. Decorated with honey and mocha drizzle. This combo alone will send a pleasant warmth to your heart on any cold day. 

7. Pistachio Rose Mocha 

Available in Europe, Middle East and Africa

This Starbucks drink is not a Valentine’s special but it sounds romantic enough to be a gift. The drink itself is a blend of espresso, mocha sauce, steamed milk, and a rose-pistachio syrup. Decorated with whipped cream infused with a rose-pistachio syrup, and sprinkled with pistachio crumbs.

8. Churro Frappuccino

Available in South America

Love Churros, wish you could have it in a drink? If that's the case make your way to South America where the Churro Frappucino can be found. The Churro Frappuccino is the epitome of sweet, spice, and everything nice. Blended with a warm cinnamon dolce and rich white mocha syrup, the frap will either curb your sweet cravings or send you into a sugar coma.

Bonus: Even if you're not in South America, you can learn how to order your own Churro Frappuccino here.

Feeling the wanderlust yet? These are only a handful of the items you can find around the world. There are many more waiting to be tried and discovered.