Peru is most known for their llamas, alpacas, and Machu Picchu. However, its amazing cuisine has been ranked among the best from around the world, and its capital, Lima, has even been named the World’s Best Food City by Bloomberg. The city has three restaurants in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, only behind London and Paris (each with four) and tied with New York City and Tokyo. But these three restaurants are not the only amazing ones in Lima, so here are eight restaurants in Lima that should be a mandatory stop when in Peru.  

1. Isolina

This restaurant located in Barranco, the hipster district of Lima, serves typical Peruvian home made dishes. From stuffed potato (papa rellena) to the famous Peruvian beef stir-fry (lomo saltado), in this restaurant you will eat like a true peruvian. 

2. bao?

As its name suggests, this restaurant focuses on their baos. This Asian-style restaurant also offers rice bowls and noodles, giving a Peruvian twist to these traditional Asian dishes. This place is perfect to grab a quick bite during a busy day in Lima. 

3. Cosme

This restaurant is the best place for Peruvian style comfort food. This place is perfect for going with friends and sharing different dishes from the menu. 

4. La Mar

Probably one of the most famous cevicherias, this place is for the lovers of seafood. This place is perfect for trying ceviche, a dish based on raw fish, lemon juice, onion and aji (Peruvian pepper). 

5. La Salchipaperia

This restaurant serves salchipapas, one of the most popular dishes for the kids in Peru. The dish is similar to sliced hot dogs and fries, however, you can give your personal twist to your salchipapa in this place, choosing your type of sausage and toppings to make it unique. 

6. El Chinito 

This place is usually called the cathedral of chicharron. Chicharron is fried pork belly and is usually eaten with onions and a slice of sweet potato in a bun. El Chinito makes a delicious chicharron, making their pan con chicharron (chicharron sandwich) one of the best. 

Gianluca Ferrari

7. ámaZ

This restaurant, which is ranked among the top 50 in Latin America, serves incredible Amazonian cuisine, offering visitors the different delicacies of the vast Peruvian rainforest.

8. Canta Rana

At Canta Rana you will find an extensive menu where you will be able to try the traditional Peruvian dishes as well as their variations. This place never fails to meet expectations, and every dish is delicious.