SO... Here are 8 indisputable reasons why the Cocks are better than ClemSUX.


So first off, we have Sandstorm. It's a real crowd pleaser... and just plain awesome. I mean that's a tradition that will never go out of style AND a tradition that Clemson can't stand up next to... our rally towels will knock them right down. 


TIGER BURN. A tradition that dates back to 1902, every year before the Carolina/Clemson game, our awesome engineers build a giant tiger... so we can promptly burn it to the ground. WOOHOO! BEAT THAT!


Monday Night Pavs. I mean come on, $1 drinks and a cool porch on a Monday, try to beat that in Death Valley. Keep in mind we have this ALL YEAR LONG, not just during football season. 


Our colors. Garnet and black are much more palatable than that gaudy orange and purple. I mean seriously, who looks good in that? We get to wear LBDs to football games, and won't get motion sickness when we look down at our outfits. It's a win/win. 


Hello, the state capitol > the middle of nowhere. We have a thriving downtown, beautiful riverwalk, and plenty of shops and restaurants. We're right in the HEART of the state. (Which really speaks to why we are the better school.)


We have an ACTUAL Gamecock at every game... and our awesome mascot Cocky. Tigers??? *yawn*


Our tailgates: the small lots, big lots, memorial lots... we have it all. If you don't believe me, send down a Clemson fan and see if they make it out of the lots and into Williams Brice before half time. 'Nough said.


Our "can do attitude." Everyone loves an underdog... amiright? One of the things that makes me proud to be a Gamecock is that win or lose, we know where home is. We are loyal fans, proud students, and never take no for an answer. #cocksby90