Having a photo shoot with your meal has become a habit, but we can’t help it if certain foods in Gainesville are so good looking that they seem to say to us, “paint me like one of your French girls.”

1. The Hyppo

The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops sells delightful, one-of-a-kind ice pops sold only in Gainesville and St Augustine. They are made of pure fruit and their craft is similar to those of ice sculptures. The only thing better than this bite of freshness is the colorful instagram you get out of your trip there.

2. Dragonfly Sushi

Thanks to my buds who came out to dinner tonight! And for letting me take a pic to post here :o)

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Miso Black Cod, Tiger Shrimp Tempura, and Beef Tataki are just three of Dragonfly Sushi’s customer favorites that are featured on every basic girl’s Snapchat stories. Impress your next date by bringing them to Gainesville’s most talked about Sushi place–the sushi will probably look better than your date tbh.

3. Yogurtology

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Yogurtology is every student’s favorite late night snack in Gainesville. It never ceases to amaze me how many toppings there are to choose from–Rice Krispie treats, chocolate covered pretzels, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you name it. They even have bizarre toppings like bacon bits and mayo–no I am not kidding.

4. 3Natives

Currently, 3Natives is all the rage in Gainesville. Every acai bowl and smoothie loving student has been going wild since the grand opening of the Gainesville location just a few weeks ago. Not a day goes by without me seeing at least one acai bowl on a friend’s Snapchat story featuring the tongue sticking out emoticon.

5. Blaze Pizza

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Everyone wants to show off the masterpiece they create at Blaze Pizza. At one of Gainesville’s most popular pizza places, you can pick from an array of toppings, sauce, and cheese for your pie, and the Blaze Pizza workers will do the rest. After 180 seconds, you have your very own personalized pizza pie.

6. Sweet Berries

To snickerdoodle or chocoholic? That is the question ? #chompthis

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Sweet Berries is the best place in Gainesville to get traditional, soft ice cream we all craze during the hot summer (which lasts all year here). Even when you order the smallest sized cup, they make sure they give you as much ice cream as humanly possible until it starts to drip down the sides of the cup.

7. Gumby’s Pizza and Wings

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Pokey Stix from Gumby’s Pizza are every drunken girl’s favorite late night snack after a crazy night in Midtown. The insurmountable amount of cheesiness is bound to satisfy your late night drunk craving.

8. Midnight Cookies

Ew vegan food is so gross ? #vegan #vegancookies #cookies #oreo #banana #foodporn #healthy

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Midnight Cookies are to Gainesville like Insomnia Cookies are to New York City. Midnight cookies are another delicious late night eating option. With over ten different flavors, s’mores and dirt being my personal favorites, Midnight Cookies brings you back to milk and cookies times at sleepaway camp and nursery school. They will even deliver your box of cookies to the Broward lobby with a cup of milk in hand.