If you’re anything like me, you’re (clinically speaking) officially a coffee-holic. I used to be the type of person that would laugh at people when they said “I need coffee,” and called them wimps for not being able to go through one day without stopping at a coffee shop to satisfy their annoying "caffeine fix."

Now karma has hit me hard and I must confess that I am legitimately in a committed relationship with coffee. When withdrawal hits, I’m telling you, it’s bad. Thankfully, I’ve gotten to the point in which I have embraced the fact that I am addicted to coffee and naturally, I have spent a fair share of time seeking out the best coffee spots in the area.

Here is a list of some of my favorites and cannot misses for anyone seeking a solid cup, comfortable atmosphere, or a new study spot. Confessions of a coffee-holic presents the best coffee shops in St. Louis. 

1. Crave Coffeehouse

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Lissane Kafie

Crave Coffeehouse is the perfect place to get your caffeine fix while you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that comes from sitting in a church. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans always lingers in the air and whatever you order from their extensive latte list you will not be let down.

My personal favorite combination is their almond milk cappuccino and white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies (featured above).  

2. Picasso's Coffee House

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Lissane Kafie

Picasso’s has everything from grilled panini to detailed designs to finish off your coffee. It's even ideal if you’re looking for a place to have a glass of wine (or maybe an entire bottle) and catch up on life with someone. Picasso’s also offers live entertainment from local artists in their Main Street location Friday and Saturday nights.   

3. Northwest Coffee Roasting

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Lissane Kafie

If you need to take a break from your typical Starbucks, visit Northwest Coffee Roasting. Apart from the coffee being bomb and roasted in-house, Northwest is the best place to go to if you just feel like running away from the world for a little bit.

Its outdoor garage-like location is ten times better than sitting at the library and feeling the world on your shoulders and the pressure from people around you. So, order your favorite cup of joe and get lost in your studies (or let's be real, your thoughts and daydreams) at Northwest Coffee Roasting. 

4. Café Ventana

Lissane Kafie

Café Ventana is by far the coziest place to go get your caffeine fix any day of the week. No matter whether you choose to sit at their patio tables and enjoy the beauty of nature or lie on one of their soft couches by the fireplace while sipping on your favorite brew, Café Ventana will transmit its inviting, relaxed aura onto you.

#spoontip: Ask if they have any pastries fresh out of the oven! They are baked daily in their very own kitchen. You can’t go wrong with their freshly-baked pastries and classic beignets. 

5. RISE Coffee House

RISE Coffee House, located in the heart of The Grove, is full of good vibes and an artsy ambience. What better way to start your morning than at a place that has absolutely everything you need in life? Besides the fact that it opens at 6:30 AM from Monday to Saturday, you can try all sorts of locally brewed coffees as well as pastries that complement your little cup of happiness perfectly. 

6. The Mud House

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The Mud House is the closest thing to perfection you will ever find. You will find a variety of breakfast and lunch items as well as coffees (spiked and crafted with their house made syrups) that are served all day every day. If you’re looking for a place to brunch, or simply grab a much-needed macchiato coffee-break, Mud House is the place for you. 

7. Kayak's Café

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Embrace the smell of freshly brewed coffee while you enjoy Kayak’s Café’s rustic atmosphere. Kayak’s is strategically positioned between Washington University, Forest Park, and The Loop, making it an ideal stop for a quick caffeine fix on your way to any of these locations. The vast variety of options to choose from will have you crawling back for more.

8. Blueprint Café

Blueprint Café has a minimalistic approach to a classic coffee. The “beauty in precision” that they transmit in each and every item they serve is so peculiar and set apart from anything you’ve ever seen before. Blueprint is a place that is as versatile as their items on their menu which changes several times in a year.

Take a risk and visit Blueprint Café at The Loop to see what all the fuss is about and take in the organized aesthetic. 

Looking to spice things up with your cup of joe or are you just sick of th same old Starbucks drink that you order all the time? These shops will fix all of your troubles and probably amp up your Instagram game.

So, gather up your books, your friends, or even just your computer (because watching Netflix at a coffee shop is totally acceptable) and visit one of these incredible places to get your caffeine fix.