I could eat sushi for every meal of the day, so when I came to Tulane, finding the best sushi restaurants close to campus was a top priority. While the LBC does offer sushi, sometimes it's nice to get off campus and explore. But with all the Japanese restaurants that NOLA has to offer, it can be hard to know where to go. So, here are ones near campus that you must try. 

1. Origami: 1.0 miles

Madeline Schupak

While from the outside it may look like your average home, Origami is far from ordinary. The menu is extremely versatile– from a poke salad with chili ponzu sauce to seafood gumbo to crawfish sushi. The prices are very reasonable, making it perfect for a night out with friends. My personal favorite is the Crispy Rice– deep fried rice topped with crawfish, blue crab, and fried shrimp shumai. 

2. Sake Café on Magazine: 3.2 miles

Zoe Shirken

Even though they call themselves a café, this is certainly an upscale spot. Make your reservations because it’ll book fast. They, too, incorporate New Orleans cuisine throughout their menu– some highlights include the Crawfish Corn Soup and PoBoy Roll. I absolutely love the TNT appetizer– chopped yellowtail mixed with tuna on a delicate layer of black tobiko, wasabi tobiko, and sushi rice topped with quail egg.

3. Chiba: 1.2 miles

Chiba is named after one of Japan’s primary seaports, which feels appropriate, as many say this spot has some of the freshest fish in NOLA. My favorite part of this restaurant, besides the atmosphere and food, is its creative menu item names. Each specialty roll has a connection to the city, like "Black Gold," "Mardi Gras," and "Let the Good Times" Roll. Every Thursday at 8pm, this sushi restaurant stands out by bringing in live music, which really adds to the NOLA vibe. 

4. Rock-N-Sake Bar & Sushi: 4.5 miles

Looking for a fun night out at a club or an exciting birthday celebration? Also craving sushi? Rock-N-Sake is your place. The Tuna Nachos are absolutely to die for– the jalapeño ponzu and lime juice signal Mexican food, while the chunks of tuna, roe, and sesame seeds scream sushi. Looking to cleanse your palate after too much sriracha? The Mango Suze-ke is the perfect roll for the job. Between the fresh salmon, apple, and mango chutney, this roll is so refreshing. 

5. Mikimoto: 2.1 miles

In a rush? Mikimoto has your back. This restaurant is perfect for fast delivery or pick up– they even have a drive-through pick-up window. One unique feature about this restaurant is their uni shot. Uni, or sea urchin, has such a rich flavor that many say it tastes like the ocean itself. While some restaurants don’t even serve uni, Mikimoto serves it in a shot glass. I also recommend the Tuna Tartar made with minced tuna on top of a bed of red onion, cilantro, avocado, and smelt roe in balsamic vinaigrette.

6. Little Tokyo Restaurant: 0.7 miles

Just as Little Tokyo advertises, they offer food for the adventurous and the not-so-adventurous. From the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl to the Spicy Tuna Rainbow Roll, their versatile menu is sure to please. This is one of my favorite lunch places, mainly because I am a huge fan of their Donburi. These oversized bowls consist of rice and other ingredients, including eel and beef, all ranging from $10-15.

7. Tsunami: 3.9 miles

This restaurant is sure to blow you away. Monday through Friday, all rolls $9 and under are 25% off. They have such creative rolls, like the Munchie Roll crusted with Nacho Cheese Dorito’s. Who knew salmon and Dorito’s could go well together? If the 38 sushi rolls and 12 Nigiri options don't appeal to you, the chef is willing to make whatever you’d like– just take a seat at the sushi bar and let him know what you're craving.

8. Asuka Sushi & Hibachi: 1.8 miles

I knew I liked this place the second I saw they had a Tulane Roll. With spicy salmon, cucumber, crunchy inside, and avocado, this Tulane Roll is most definitely a tough competitor for the LSU roll. But my favorite part of their menu is definitely the fried rolls. I’d never had a fried roll before coming here, and it most definitely did not disappoint. I didn't think sushi could get any better, but a fried tempura flake coating proved me wrong.

So put some sneakers on or call your Ubers, because these restaurants are worth the trek. All within a 4.5-mile radius from campus, these 8 restaurants are waiting for you to stop on by. I promise your taste buds won't be disappointed. "Roll" on in and order away.