After a long day at the beach and an even longer night out, Miami definitely knows how to make you hungry. Thankfully, they make up for it with their endless list of late night food spots. Being a Miami native, I have had my fair share of nights out so I'm gonna give you a list of my fav go-to's when my turntness turns into starvation. 

Night Owl Cookie Co.

If for you, getting lit means an inevitable sweet tooth, Night Owl is the answer to all your cookie prayers. This gem is open 'til 2 A.M. daily. For that extra dose of Miami, try the "Ave Maria." It's guava cookie dough mixed with Maria Cookies and white chocolate chips. Believe it or not, it doesn't stop there. It's topped with Maria Cookie crumbles, guava pieces and drizzled with cream cheese frosting. Holy hell.

Mary's Coin Laundry 

Arguably, home to the best pan con bistec (steak sandwich) in Miami. This place doubles as a 24 hour laundry mat and Cuban cafe. 

Moe'z Express

"If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce." -Gucci Mane They're open til 3 A.M. on weekends and offer delivery of said sauce. You're welcome.

Big Pink

Dreams do come true... especially at 4 A.M. when you're leaving Story. This American diner is conveniently located in South Beach so if you got recruited by one of the countless night club promoters on the beach, this is where you should be headed on your way out. They're only open 'til 2 A.M. on Fridays but they're open 'til a whopping 5 A.M. on Saturdays! You don't have to resort to McDonalds. Trust.

Coyo Taco

If you turn up in the very trendy Wynwood area, Coyo Taco is the way to go. Not sure what I like more though, the food or the hidden bar. Catch me taking a break from getting lit to eat some chips and guac. They're open 'til 3 A.M. on weekends and they have churros. Score.


Random fact: I love hot dogs. Naturally, I'd like to tell you this is the best restaurant ever but I'll just stick with it's my favorite. This Colombian hole in the wall is open 'til 5:30 A.M. on weekends if you're down for a (breakfast?) hot dog after leaving the club... I definitely am.

Sushi Sake

We all know sushi is basic but only because it's so good. If your drunchies are itching for a good roll, Sushi Sake has thirteen locations for you to choose from. Some close at 1 A.M., sadly. But many of them are open 'til 3 A.M. and 5 A.M. Again, for that extra dose of Miami, try the Calle Ocho Roll (pictured above). It includes ham croqueta, avocado and asparagus topped with sweet plantains, potato sticks and a heavenly drizzle of eel sauce.


For when you're simply craving a piping hot slice. They're open 'til 5 A.M. on weekends. 

Happy spring breaking but more importantly, happy spooning!