It’s Tuesday night. You just finished that prelim, and you still have hours of work to do. Food (maybe Nexflix, too) is the only thing you want but going all the way back to your room to get something to eat is out of the question. Or, let’s be honest, the walk to the kitchen to make yourself something seems a little grueling at this hour especially when Friends is playing.

Fortunately, good old Ithaca has you covered with its range of amazing food deliveries. From the fried to the fresh to the downright devilish options, delivery is the best option for any time eating. Check out Cornell favorites to make sure that you’re eating only the best.

Wings Over Ithaca

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First, just take a moment for the names of their wings, which are all types of airplanes. The edible wings though? They’re good, really good. Try pairing them with classic sauces such as BBQ, honey mustard, and any of the buffalos.  Also don’t let the word “wings” deceive you — their waffle fries are to die for, too.


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#SpoonTip: Order any time, but especially late at night when you want to avoid people with the munchies, the drunchies or just too big of an appetite for you to handle.

Local favorites are the double chocolate mint cookie, snickerdoodle, and the classic chocolate chunk cookie. Also, the oatmeal raisin are totally underrated but undeniably delicious.

Purity Ice Cream

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Purity is basically Ithaca’s local version of Ben & Jerry’s — the only issue is how daunting it is to find some. I mean, can I have the walk and the wait to-go, please? With their wide and inspiring list of flavors, Purity Ice Cream is a must-have and is luckily delivered cold to your front door. Here’s to mocha chip, sea salt caramel, and cookie dough. Totally brain freeze worthy.

Waffle Frolic

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For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a waffle maker in our apartment, here’s the only (dare I say better) way to get your hands on a hot-off-the-press waffle. For more of a meal than a treat, try their Fried Eggs and Bacon over Waffle. If you’re looking for something sweet, the Mr. Popular and Carmel Apple are absolute baes. And it’s totally okay to get a double just for you. #treatyoself

DP Dough

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We’re talking calzones. Delicious, wonderful calzones. For the meat lovers, try the Ithaca Sports Zone (it’s better than our football team, I promise). A Veggie Zone is a good, “healthy” balance to all of the oozing, decadent cheese. And then, of course, you have your sweet calzones like the popular Peach Pie Zone. Need I say more?

Taste of Thai Express

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If you’re not really feeling American grease and are more in the mood for an “ethnic” Thai meal, Taste of Thai is the perfect choice. Definitely try their fried rice, pad see ew, or the essential pad thai. Warning: While delicious, the Taste of Thai delivery can take a while, so make sure you are up for a wait.

Collegetown Pizza

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This pizza is a great go-to when you want the cheesy goodness without the worry of silent judgement. From Margarita to Meat-Lovers, CTP has an array of pizzas you can always count on. Where else can you get a baked ziti pizza in Ithaca? Probably nowhere. Look for this delicacy and other classic CTP pizzas anytime.


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Don’t worry, for all of Cornell’s vegan and vegetarians out there — you have options! Mainly the infamous Moosewood. With this guilt-free selection of amazing meals, their delivery is a go-to for a nice dinner with friends without the hassle of leaving your home. Don’t forget to try one of their desserts even if you are skeptical about a vegan chocolate cake.