Maple Street Biscuit Company is the up-and-coming brunch restaurant that has swept across the South, currently with a total of 25 locations and five under construction. They are better known for serving "comfort foods with a modern twist" (having the biscuit as their specialty of course). Maple Street has even been featured on the Food Network for their unique offerings. 

In addition to their delicious food, Maple Street is also known for their homey vibe and warm, friendly service. A few friends and I started eating here for weekly student organizational meetings and adored the atmosphere and food so much, we have become weekly regulars for the past two semesters (it's that good).  

As we have been there dozens of times, my friends and I have tried almost everything on the menu. Everything has tasted phenomenal, but we certainly do have our favorites. From our collective experience, here are eight items from Maple Street Biscuit Company us regulars have loved, and we think you should try too.

1.) Plain Flaky Biscuit with Apple Butter or B2 Jam 

There’s really nothing like the original. If your looking for something on the simpler or lighter side, then the plain flaky biscuit is the menu item for you. Just like the name suggests, Maple Street’s featured item is light, buttery, and practically melts in your mouth. And don't forget to order it with the house-made apple butter or B2 (blackberry and blueberry mix) jam, it's truly the piece de resistance

2.) The Farmer

The Farmer is one of Maple Street’s many “signature biscuits”- which are essentially over-the-top versions of a breakfast sandwich. The Farmer features the original flaky biscuit with fried chicken, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and apple butter. Overall, it’s a tasty blend of sweet and savory. 

3.) Iron Goat 

The Iron Goat is one of the vegetarian signature biscuit options, but it is sure to please meat-eaters as well. The dish is a flaky biscuit with a slice of goat cheese and sauteed spinach in between. The Iron Goat is delicious on its own, but pairs well with Maple Street’s complimentary hot sauces. 

4.) The Ralphie

If you prefer your biscuits with gravy, then The Ralphie is definitely for you. Warm, spicy sausage gravy is poured over one of their house-made flaky biscuits. You can even get it vegetarian made with shitake mushroom gravy. The Ralphie also comes in two different versions: The Ralphie Deluxe (flaky biscuit, sausage gravy, and an over-easy egg) and the Double Down Ralphie Deluxe (flaky biscuit, sausage gravy, and two over-easy eggs). 

5.) Sunshine in the Garden

Most resembling Shakshuka, the Sunshine in the Garden is a whole skillet filled with tomatoes, shallots, and fresh green peppers. It’s topped with feta cheese, fresh basil, and a sunny side egg, and comes with a flaky biscuit on the side. Sunshine in the Garden is another one of Maple Street’s vegetarian options, but you can add maple meatballs to the side if you wish. 

6.) Sweet Grace

In addition to biscuits, Maple Street also offers other breakfast entrees like waffles. One of their newest waffles is the Sweet Grace- chocolate chip waffles topped with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and powdered sugar. It's a sweet, fun menu option, and tastes outstanding. 

7.) Maple Vanilla Latte

Whether you order something sweet, savory, or a combo or both, the Maple Vanilla Latte is sure to complement. It's a hot (or iced) latte with pumps of vanilla syrup and real maple syrup poured along the cup's inside. The result is a comforting blend of flavors that can make any morning a hundred times better. 

8.) Iced Pecan Maple Biscuit

What better way to finish breakfast or lunch off than with dessert? The Iced Pecan Maple Biscuit is a warm, sweet treat with a hint of nutty flavor. To top it off, it comes with a drizzle of delicious icing. 

As they serve everything from breakfast, lunch, and even dessert, Maple Street Biscuit Company has some of the best Southern comfort food around. So if you're going in for your first time, or maybe like us, your fourteenth, then give any of these favorite dishes a try.