Summer is approaching fast and Milwaukee's dining scene will be in the spotlight. Sure, you can enjoy a grilled cheese, loaded burrito, or even a doughy funnel cake, but is it really worth the agony once the food hits your stomach?

Here are eight spots to help you navigate restaurants in Milwaukee that meet your gluten-free needs — some of them just around the corner from campus. 

1. Sobelmans at Marquette 

What's more affordable, and more delicious than a big juicy burger? How about a big juicy burger on a gluten-free bun? Sobelman's at Marquette offers a gluten-free bun that is oh so delicious. Who says not being able to digest wheat should stop you from enjoying one of life's best creations?

2. Smoke Shack

Another gluten-free stop for Milwaukee's meat lovers: Smoke Shack offers a great selection of barbecued beef and pork, slow roasted for hours! Only a few minutes away, Smoke Shack sits right in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Hop on line 30 and you'll be there in no time. Who needs wheat when you have the meat?

3. Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns at Marquette will make any sandwich on an unwich. This gluten-free creation consists of a few leaves of lettuce packed with whatever your heart desires. This is an easier and lighter option on Marquette's campus, right on Wells St. 

4. Story Hill BKC 

Anyone up for brunch? Story Hill BKC has plenty of gluten-free options for the earlier crowd. Not too far from Marquette, Story Hill BKC is less than 10 minutes away on Bluemound Rd. 

5. Pizza Man

A bit of a trek from campus, Pizza Man is another tasty destination in Milwaukee that will accommodate your gluten-free needs. With its location on Milwaukee's Upper East Side on N. Downer Ave, Pizza Man offers a gluten-free quinoa pizza crust. It is also a healthier alternative, since quinoa has more nutritional value than your average wheat flour. 

6. Stack'd Burger Bar

Located on S. 1st St., Stack'd provides a fully loaded menu of delicious selections. Visitors also get the choice to fully customize their burger. Dress it up or dress it down, make it sweet or make it spicy. You name it — Stack'd Burger Bar will definitely fulfill your gluten-free dreams.

7. Whole Foods 

Out of all grocery stores, Whole Foods provides the largest selection of gluten-free foods. With endless selections, from fresh produce to hot-and-ready meals, you can have it all. Located on the Upper East Side, Milwaukee's public bus will drop you off right at the gates of gluten-free heaven. 

8. Cubanitas

Nothing like a fresh bowl of guacamole and plantain chips to end a busy day. At Cubanitas, many selections are naturally gluten-free; however customers may ask for a separate gluten-free menu. The Cubans do it right, making it easy to enjoy a naturally gluten-free life at Cubanitas

Now you have a few more destinations to add to your GPS while navigating gluten-free Milwaukee!