Nowadays, many people are gluten-free, gluten intolerant, have Celiac disease, or are trying to cut gluten out of their diets for a variety of personal and health-related reasons. Can you imagine going to the happiest place on earth and not being able to eat anything there because you're gluten-free? Leading a gluten-free lifestyle doesn't mean families must be constrained from experiencing one of my personal favorite locations in America. Check out the following gluten-free Epcot restaurants offering delicious meals that won't disappoint. 

1. Rose & Crown Dining Room

Found in the United Kingdom Pavilion, this British pub-style restaurant will provide allergy-friendly menus upon request. Inside, the menu not only covers gluten-free options, but also dishes without eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, dairy, soy, peanuts, other tree nuts, and more. Best dishes include (but aren't limited to) fisherman's stew (leave off the garlic croutons), tapioca roll garlic bread, and shrimp and scallops. If you have a sweet tooth, try the French meadow brownie for dessert.

2. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

Looking for gluten-free pasta? Look no further. Via Napoli's wide variety of pasta dishes allows for the best Italian experience possible. If you're in the mood for pizza, you might even ask if gluten-free crust is available.

3. Sommerfest

If you're looking for German cuisine, you might find yourself in the World Showcase area of Epcot. At Sommerfest, you can order gluten-free bratwurst and frankfurters. Don't forget to double check and make sure that their curry ketchup is gluten-free as well.

4. Nine Dragons Restaurant

Many of the restaurants in the China Pavilion at Epcot lack gluten-free options, but if you're craving Chinese, you've got to have it. While they don't offer gluten-free soy sauce at Nine Dragons Restaurant — which might be a turnoff for some — you can satisfy your craving with a pretty large portion of chicken and broccoli with clear sauce and white rice. 

5. Liberty Inn

Offering an lunch and dinner menu that's customizable for those with food allergies, Liberty Inn is very quick to accommodate customers' preferences, whether you ask to speak to the manager or not. Get gluten-free chicken tenders and French fries for the kids, or try the vegan and gluten-free Beyond Burger.

6. Tutto Italia Ristorante

Steak, salmon, and caprese salad are just a few of the gluten-free options on Tutto Italia's allergy-friendly menu. The penne caprese is made with rice pasta, but if you have a dairy allergy just ask for no cheese. 

7. Katsura Grill

Located at the Japan Pavilion, Katsura Grill offers gluten-free teriyaki options, such as teriyaki shrimp or chicken. Gluten-free sushi rolls are also available on request, so speak up and don't be shy.

8. Sunshine Seasons

Working with the culinary team makes life a lot easier for kids (and adults) with allergies. Located at the Land Pavilion in Future World, their grill station is entirely gluten- and dairy-free, making it a perfect on-the-go option for lunch.

#SpoonTip: Here are some other gluten-free options around Disney World.

The effort that goes into planning a trip to Disney World is a struggle in itself, but the outcome is always worth it. Some of us have to look ahead at the restaurants we will dine in, while others eat wherever they please and go with the flow. Every now and then it's nice to have a little help in the planning process to make the happiest place on earth a little more gluten-free friendly.