If you're on the hunt for great vegan food, NYC is one of the best places to be. Tbh, I think there's sometimes a misconception that vegans only eat vegetables, nuts, and seeds. And while this can be a part of a vegan diet, there are so many other options, too. And while I do love a good nourish bowl, I also love good ol' comfort food (you know, #balance). So, if you're on the lookout for vegan comfort food spots, here are 8 delicious spots throughout New York City. 

1. Champs Diner

If you're looking for the best vegan diner food, Champs is the spot to go to. Champs is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and has an extensive menu that recreates traditionally non-vegan into vegan meals. If you're craving mozz sticks, milkshakes, and burgers, Champs is the place for you. 

2. by CHLOE.

Not to be dramatic, but by CHLOE has the best kale "caesar" salad I've ever had in my life (and trust me, I've tried many). They also have delicious chocolate chip cookies, mac and cheese, and cupcakes. Do yourself a favor and check it out. 

3. Screamers Pizzeria 

Calling all my pizza lovers (vegan and non-vegan): Screamers Pizzeria is an absolute must-try. There are two locations, both in Brooklyn, one in Greenpoint and one in Crown Heights. If you go, make sure to try the White Pizza and the Buffalo Pizza. But TBH, you can't go wrong; it's all delicious. 

4. Marty's V Burger

Not only does Marty's V Burger have delicious vegan burgers, but it's also fast. In fact, its tagline is, "Fast food. No bull." In addition to offering delicious vegan burgers, Marty's also has a wide selection of mac and cheese, wraps, and sandwiches. They recently opened their first restaurant, but have also been  at a number of food markets and festivals including Vegan Drinks and Vegan Drinks Brooklyn, and Governor’s Ball Music Festival. 

5. Vodega 

Vodega offers a variety of plant-based sandwiches that you would often find the meat version of in bodegas throughout the city (hence, the name). If you're seriously craving a vegan chopped cheese or Philly cheesesteak, check out Vodega, located in Dumbo, Brooklyn. 

6. Willow 

Located on 8th ave in Manhattan, Willow can best be described as ~fancy~ vegan comfort food. Willow prides itself on using super high-quality and fresh ingredients, which is evident in their delicious food.  They offer more "traditional" vegan comfort food like burgers and mac and cheese, but also have Buttermilk fried Chick'n, and "scallop" Cacio e pepe. Willow is an absolute must-try. 

7. Red Bamboo 

Red Bamboo offers a wide array of vegan comfort food, ranging from bbq wings and fried chicken, to fried rice and veggie lo mein. Red Bamboo opened in 2002 in NYC, and has been visited by celebs including Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson. If you're looking for really good quality vegan cuisine, stop by Red Bamboo, located on West 4th street in Manhattan. 

8. Greedi Vegan

Greedi Vegan is one the most creative vegan restaurants in NYC (in my humble opinion). Greedi Vegan only uses local and seasonal ingredients in their meals and has a delicious menu full of nourish bowls, Po Boys, and tacos. Located in Brooklyn, Greedi Vegan's mission is to make vegan food as delicious and innovative as possible, while exciting meat-eaters, too.