Mardi Gras is around the corner! As many Christians call it: Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday where you eat a bunch of pancakes with a side of your favorite alcoholic beverage for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late-night snack before the start of lent. A more religious definition is where Christians mark the beginning of fasting, lent, and prayer. In that case, if you have a sweet tooth for breakfast, you will want to celebrate this holiday too.

For all Mardi Gras lovers that choose to celebrate this Christian tradition with your Friends or Family, here are 7 places to go to in Winston-Salem: 

7. Mama Zoe's

A classic American southern staple restaurant that is down the road from Wake Forest University near Harris Teeter! This restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate Fat Tuesday in the morning from 6 am - 12 pm.

6. Your Church or Christian groups on Campus

Corbett Foster

You can make some delicious homemade pancakes by yourself or with your church group and add some toppings on it. Some of my favorite toppings on homemade pancakes are chocolate chip, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, maple syrup, sugar-free syrup or hazelnut spread!

5. Milner's American Southern Restaurant

If you are looking for a classy, cozy Southern french toast and pancakes for Shrove Tuesday with your family and friends, make sure you stop by Milner's American Southern Restaurant on Stratford Road. They are famous for their seafood but you can always get brunch on Sundays!

4. Waffle House

If you want some waffles you can always rely on and trust for a late-night run, go to Waffle House. Waffle house is really a cheap and simple chain with many signatures dishes. My favorite item on their menu is their chocolate chip waffles with a side of hashbrowns.

3. Famous Toastery  

Caroline Solacoff

Do you want a twist on flapjacks for your Shrove Tuesday celebration? Then, go to Famous Toastery and get my favorite combination of mimosa and cinnamon swirl Flapjacks. Famous Toastery is right down the road from Wake Forest University!

2. Mozelle's

Are you craving a refine southern cuisine comfort food? Or looking for a nice and elegant atmosphere to go with your significant other, or classy dinner with your family or friends? Go to one of my favorite restaurants in Winston-Salem for brunch before Fat Tuesday on Saturday or Sunday. My favorite meal from here besides their rich pancakes is their shrimp and grits with a bloody mary or a glass of orange juice on the side. 

1. Mary's

Ansley Bird

Mary's diner is the perfect place to go if you are looking for some traditional, homemade pancakes for Fat Tuesday. This diner is a favorite among many Wake Forest students for brunch. One of their favorite meals consists of an appetizer of powdered french toast with your entree. 

There are many other places located in Winston-Salem that have great pancakes too, but these are my favorite restaurants to go to with my family or friends. If you are looking for more brunch places to go to, you can check out one of my peers' article!