New York City is no stranger to top-notch bakeries. Well-known establishments such as Levain Bakery, Magnolia Bakery and Little Cupcake Bakeshop are staples of NYC culture and popular with both tourists and locals. But despite the presence of a sweet shop on basically every block in NYC, I still think there is always room for new dessert spots in the city. Here are 8 bakeries that I have personally tried or fallen in love with thanks to Instagram that need to open an NYC location in the future.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

If you live in Washington D.C. or have visited the city recently, you might be familiar with this quirky shop. They have two locations in DC and one in Virginia, as well as a traveling food truck, and everything they make is out of this world. They took the trendy concept of chicken and waffles and transformed it into a combination that is unique and even more delicious. I think about their birthday cake doughnut basically every single day of my life because it was just that good, plus their chicken fingers were seasoned perfectly and had just the right amount of crunch in the breading. Their Instagram page is drool-worthy, and if you give them a follow you might spot me in the comment section begging them to open a shop here in NYC.

Crumbl Cookies

There is certainly no shortage of shops that specialize in cookies here in NYC, but Crumbl would be an incredible addition to the city’s bakery lineup. They have numerous locations across the country and currently offer catering services, curbside pickup, local delivery and nationwide shipping. Each week they release a lineup of fun new flavors, such as caramel popcorn, buckeye brownie, strawberry poptart and cornbread. Some are served chilled while others are served warm and gooey, and they all come neatly arranged in their signature pink box. New York City is a fast-paced and exciting place, so a menu that is constantly changing would be perfect for the city that never sleeps.

Baked and Wired

You can find cupcakes in every NYC borough, but there is truly nothing like a dessert from Baked & Wired. This DC-based shop is currently located in the heart of Georgetown, and produces small batch baked goods like cakes, pies, and breads in addition to their signature cupcakes, that are all inspired by family recipes. Their cupcakes, officially called "cakecups" on their menu, are huge, smothered in frosting, and have a classic minimalistic look that brings everything together. I cannot even explain how badly we need a location here in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and I think they would quickly become a go-to for locals and tourists alike. 

Kara Kakes

Located less than an hour from Midtown Manhattan in New Jersey, Kara Kakes is known for their mouthwatering cupcakes and other creative baked goods. Some of the most notable cupcake flavors include fruity pebbles churro, dulce de leche pecan pie, pink lemonade and breakfast delight, which is garnished with maple syrup buttercream, sausage, bacon and a mini piece of pancake, waffle and french toast. I have been staring sadly at their Instagram page for almost 2 years because they're so close yet so far away, and I really hope they eventually make it to the bustling streets of NYC. 

Sugar Vault Desserts & Bakery

Suddenly I wish I lived in Maryland, and I'm sure other dessert lovers feel the same after exploring Sugar Vault's Instagram page. They make extravagant baked goods that they describe as "extraordinary" and based on the photos that definitely seems accurate. They sell huge slices of Cheesecake Cakes (yes, you heard that right), cupcakes topped with other mini baked goods like brownies or cinnamon rolls, and unique flavors of banana pudding that rival Magnolia Bakery's. SVD rotates their products frequently and offers over 150 flavors, so there is always something for everyone! The day they open a shop here in NYC might honestly be the best day of my life. 

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

Fireman Derek’s has been dubbed the best bakery in Miami, and has two locations in southeastern Florida. I personally always remember them for their viral Super Bowl Pie, which contained peanut M&Ms, Ruffle potato chips, pretzels, dulce de leche, chocolate chips, peanuts, condensed milk and a graham cracker or oreo cookie crust... Insane, right? They are currently offering a wide variety of pies, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes and even savory items, but they are most known for their incredible pies, which is a sweet treat that seems to be less common here in NYC. I feel like this is the least likely shop on the list to venture north, but we can only hope because their entire menu looks absolutely incredible!

Sweet Box

Sweet Box is a hidden gem in Philadelphia, and I have no doubt that they would be successful in New York City. Their Instagram feed is colorful, lively and full of beautiful baked goods that truly do taste as amazing as they look. My personal favorite item on their menu is the Jawn, a birthday cake blondie topped with a layer of cookie dough and a thick coating of cake batter frosting, which is one of their signature creations and best sellers. They also serve cupcakes, cookies, brownies and edible cookie dough that are sure to give you a sugar rush. Sweet Box's vibrant and eccentric vibe would make them a sure standout in the NYC dessert world, so I would love to see them establish a location somewhere outside of Philly. 

Scratch Biscuit Company

Last but certainly not least is Scratch Biscuit Company located in Roanoke, Virginia. While they are not simply a bakery because they offer a full menu of items like pancakes, french toast and breakfast tacos, their freshly baked biscuits will knock your socks off. My family stopped early one morning while I was touring a college in Virginia 3 years ago, and we still discuss the biscuits frequently because they were truly unforgettable. The vibe inside was so homey and their dishes are the definition of southern comfort food, so it would be a very unique addition to the NYC brunch scene! I have been on the hunt for the best biscuits in the city for awhile now, and the search would definitely end as soon as Scratch opened a restaurant here.

Make sure to drop by one of these places if you live locally or happen to be traveling nearby, because they will not disappoint! And keep your fingers crossed (at least for my sake) that one will make their way to the greatest city in the world sometime soon. 

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