Cookies are possibly the most wholesome baked good that has been perfected by bakeries and grandmothers alike. Like all magical things, there is more than one kind of cookie for you to enjoy. Here are seven types of cookies and where to try them in Boston.

1. Classic Chocolate Chip- Blunch

If you hear the word cookie, chances are you're thinking of this yummy classic. The chocolate chip cookie relies heavily on what type of chocolate and how much you choose to use. Its deliciousness also depends on how the chocolate is incorporated into the batter.

In the South End, Blunch has perfected the chocolate chip cookie and deserves all the praises we're going to give it. The cookie itself has a perfect combination of a slight crunch on the outside with a soft inside. The massive chunks of chocolate give you the perfect bitter-sweet taste with every bite. 

2. The Macaron- Limered Teahouse

The macaron, synonymous with the cookie sandwich, is a French treat that comes in many different flavor combinations. It is light an airy with a whipped filling that definitely sets the flavor off. Plus, they are the cutest bite-sized dessert (sometimes two bites.)

In Allston, LimeRed Teahouse has perfected the craft of macaron making and flavor pairings. Some of their famous flavors include passionfruit, cherry blossom, creme brulee, and earl grey. With vibrant colors to enhance the yummage and bubble tea also available, LimeRed definitely has a wonderful cookie-eating experience to offer.

3. Vegan Cookie- Pavement Coffeehouse 

Although this cookie may seem normal with a dietary restriction, vegan cookies have a certain density and texture to them that is hard to resist. The substitutions for eggs and other dairy products give this cookie its character.

Pavement Coffeehouse's  spin on the vegan cookie is one of the best in Boston. For extra flavor and texture, the coffee shop adds coconut shreddings. The coconut taste in these cookies is present yet does not overpower the other elements in the snack. My advice is to enjoy this treat with an almond milk latte on a cold day.

4. Peanut Butter Cookie- Sweet Cheeks

A good peanut butter cookie will taste as if you're eating spoonfuls of the spread straight from the jar. One good thing about this type of cookie is that its texture can depend on your preferences. If you're a fan of the crunchy or the smooth, this treat will always satisfy. 

Sweet Cheeks in Fenway has elevated the peanut butter cookie by turning it into a cookie sandwich, properly called a "Nutter Butter". All three layers are as peanut buttery as the last, which results in an explosion of flavor. Plus, they also have the option of a jumbo Nutter Butter to share (or not) with friends.

5. Meringue Cookie -  Tatte Bakery

The meringue cookie has a texture like no other. It is crisp but air, allowing the flavors to melt in your mouth. There's also such an artistic aspect to this cookie, with its large size and swirled design tempting you to take more than one bite.

Tatte Bakery's chocolate and coconut meringue is the perfect blend of sweet and rich. It's not overwhelmingly decadent but is sure to satisfy you for dessert. Make sure you get one for later because they are just irresistible. 

6. Sugar Cookie- Flour Bakery

Sometimes we choose aesthetics over taste and end up with a good balance of both. The sugar cookie is the compromise between presentation and flavor. You can customize it however you like while not straying too far away from the simplistic taste of the actual cookie.

Flour Bakery's sugar cookies never disappoint in either category. The bakery comes out with designs appropriate for each season while staying true to its original cookie recipe. A fan favorite design is Flour's funny take on love note hearts during Valentine's Day. Whatever season you find yourself visiting during you will never be disappointed.

7. Biscotti- Tatte Bakery

Noelle Monge

Donuts aren't the only perfect pairing with coffee and tea. The biscotti is known for its dipping purposes. Think cookies and milk, but way more sophisticated and yummy. Its crispy texture is also good for on the go snacking.

Tatte Bakery's vanilla and fig biscotti are perfect on every level of texture and flavor. The cookie is a great compliment to any drink or food item at Tatte. Plus, you can get them in regular-sized or treat yourself to the XL biscotti. I recommend enjoying biscotti with a hot vanilla chai latte.

Whether you go for the classic or switch it up and try something adventurous, the different types of cookies from these Boston staples are sure to please anytime.