The Guelph Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 7 am to noon. While it may seem totally unreasonable to be trekking out to a farmers’ market when many students are nursing hangovers, there are plenty of reasons to do so.

Apart from the huge amount of money you can save on fresh produce and the benefit of supporting local businesses, there are some amazing vendors at the Guelph Farmers’ Market that you just can’t miss

1. Bluewater Creamery


Photo Courtesy of Bluewater Creamery

This small-batch ice cream maker uses fresh ingredients to create inventive flavours of amazing ice cream. With the first day of spring behind us and summer fast approaching, make Bluewater Creamery your next frozen indulgence to escape the heat.

Try some awesome flavours like Grapefruit Campari, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, or Mango.

2. Fourfold Farm


Photo Courtesy of CAFNR

This Elora-based farm is biodynamic, meaning that they take a holistic approach to farming. This involves creating a balanced organic ecosystem and refraining from the use of synthetic pesticides.  In other words, you don’t have to feel so guilty about eating beef anymore.

3. Doug’s Honey


Photo Courtesy of Carter Brown

This local honey producer uses his Masters degree in botany to create wonderful honey products. Situating his hives near wildflowers and pollutant free fauna, Doug produces honeys with distinct floral flavours that are as local and organic as you can get. Doug’s honey stand at the Farmers’ Market sells jars of honey, as well as homemade candles, creams, and lip balms.

4. Fairly Frosted Vegan Bakery


Photo by Fairly Frosted Vegan Bakery

You can’t get these delicious vegan cupcakes anywhere else! Fairly Frosted has a fantastic selection of constantly changing flavours including Chocolate Lavender, Pink Lemonade, S’Mores, Mocha, and Chocolate Banana Cream. The best flavours sell out first, so show up early and get a dozen!

5. [RE]Fresh Juice Co.


Photo Courtesy of [RE]fresh Juice Company

This juice company produces beverages in an incredible array of flavours, including organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, handcrafted nut milks, and cold-brewed coffee.

It’s hard to meet your recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables as a student; but each 500mL bottle of juice contains 4 pounds of organic produce (the equivalent of 7 salads!) to help you meet your daily requirement. It’s a great way to quench your thirst and stay healthy on the go!

Everything Else


Photo courtesy of Morgan Nagy

While I just picked my favourite recommendations for this article, the Guelph Farmers’ Market has almost 70 vendors! The food, produce, and other goods you can try here are unparalleled in variety, with vendors that sell alpaca wool clothing, fresh apple cider, professional floral arrangements using local fauna, organic cheeses, homemade jewelry, made-in-front-of-you donuts, and of course the freshest local produce in Guelph. You cannot go wrong!