Sushi is one of my favorite foods, but for a college student, it can easily break my budget. But with some research and living in Kansas City for 3 years now, I know where to go, what day of the week, and what time, based on each place's happy hours to enjoy some of Kansas City's best sushi.

Monday Night: Friend’s Sushi 

Start the week off right at one of my favorite Sushi places in Kansas City, Friend’s Sushi, right by Kansas University Medical School in Old Westport. Almost all rolls are $4 after 5' oclock, and the portions are pretty good, so I know I won’t be leaving hungry or with a hole in my wallet.

Tuesday Night: KC Sushi

Their happy hour is actually 7 days a week but on Tuesdays from 11-2:30 or 4-6:30, enjoy rolls ranging from $3-7. One of their classics include the I-29 roll, which is tempura, crab, massago, and spicy mayo.

Wednesday: Mr Le’s Sushi

By the middle of the week, I’m feeling a little too lazy to make my lunch, so nothing is better than a pre-made one to take to class. Mr. Le’s Sushi has a lunch box special for $10.95 from 11 am-2 pm, which includes a sushi roll, teriyaki chicken or steak, as well as soup and rice. This redefines taking your lunch to school.

Thursday: Nara

Take the Kansas city street car to Nara for happy hour from 3-6 pm Monday to Saturday and the food definitely doesn’t disappoint. Most rolls are $4; my personal favorite is their spicy tuna roll.

Friday: Drunken Fish

PNL isn’t just for the drinks. Kick off the weekend with some sushi from Drunken Fish from 4-6pm, with sushi rolls starting at $5. Their spicy calamari roll is $6 with just the right texture and spice.

Saturday: Kona

Brooklynn Morris

One of the most well- known happy hours in Kansas City, Kona offers traditional rolls for $4.25, and if some people in your party are not into sushi, the lobster and tuna flatbread is also part of the happy hour and is to die for.

Sunday: Sushi Haru

Unwind your weekend at Sushi Haru, which offers a happy hour 7 days a week with rolls starting at $4.50. Their laid back, family owned restaurant is perfect to let you calm down and prepare for the next week to come.