Are you a totally health conscious NYU student? Want to know where you can get amazing food that won’t weigh you down after lunch? Either way, this list has you covered with a few of the best healthy restaurants near Washington Square Park so you won’t have to sprint to your next class after lunch (not that we’re opposed to running…after all, you have to fit in that workout somehow).

Beyond Sushi

healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @beyondsushinyc on Instagram

Two words: Vegan. Sushi. You may be asking if this is even possible? Well it is, and it’s incredible. Beyond Sushi is one of those places you only ever hear good things about so the only obvious solution is to see (or taste) for yourself. You can thank us later.

Ellary’s Greens

healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @angelsfoodshare on Instagram

If you take your clean eating seriously, Ellary’s Greens is the place to go. Not only does Ellary’s have a cozy atmosphere and incredible food, but they cater to just about every diet out there. That includes carnivores as well as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free. And did we mention the food is INCREDIBLE? Because it is.


healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @oatmealsny on Instagram

If you’re looking for a healthful and filling brunch, search no more. Oatmeals is a classic go-to breakfast joint just south of Washington Square Park that creates delicious, warm, and perfectly balanced oatmeal bowls inside an equally warm and cozy bodega-like shop. To die for.


healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @liquiteria on Instagram

If you’re in a rush and only have time to scarf something down before your next meeting, a smoothie is probably your best bet (it’s basically lunch in a cup…or bowl). Lucky for you, there are lots of smoothie places nearby but Liquiteria is a classic go-to. Their filling smoothies and snacks are proven to keep your stomach from growling throughout the afternoon.

Hu Kitchen

healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @chickpeainthecity on Instagram

Hu Kitchen’s philosophy is based off of their own beliefs regarding the way humans should eat. They even created their own pillars to describe the way they source and create their foods. When you do get a minute to sit down and enjoy your healthy meal, this is definitely a good place to try.

Eva’s Restaurant

healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @eatatevas on Instagram


For your post-workout lean protein needs, head over to Eva’s Kitchen and grab a classic dish with veggies and lean meats. They also offer “power plates,” sandwiches, and (if you’re in a rush), super shakes. Look out for the mini protein muffins that are free with each meal; they’re seriously addictive.


healthy restaurants

Photo courtesy of @sweetgreen on Instagram

This trendy salad chain focuses on local and seasonal produce, so each location is a little different from the rest. You may also notice their seasonal specials that change to include produce at its peak, all packed together in a deliciously fresh bowl for you to enjoy. The closest location to NYU is Union Square, but word on the street is that we’ll soon have our very own Sweetgreen in Greenwich Village.