If you go to Haverford, or to school anywhere on the Main Line for that matter, you must try these Main Line restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for sweets or savory, these are must tries to add to your restaurant bucket list. 

1. El Limon

If you are sick of your usual Chipotle order, but still in the mood for some authentic Mexican food on the Main Line, El Limon is a must try. Not only is it BYOB so you can enjoy a delicious margarita with your meal, but you can choose from their endless enchiladas, burritos, and fajitas. 

2. Snap Pizza

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Caroline Aronowitz

Yet another BYOB, Snap has options for almost everyone in the mood for a quick and easy meal. You can choose from one of their classic pizzas or salads or completely personalize them yourself, with the option for their gluten free crust. Baked right before your eyes, you can top off your warm pizza with fresh basil or feta cheese. 

3. Ardmore Station Café

Right upstairs from Snap Pizza, Ardmore Station is only open for breakfast and lunch. They have meals to quench almost any breakfast craving you may be having. A personal favorite, the Nutella and strawberry stuffed French toast is only one of their signature items along with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Oreo pancakes. Additionally, you can craft a delicious omelet or breakfast burrito to your liking. 

4. Hope's Cookies

If you’re in the mood to satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Hope’s Cookies on Lancaster Ave. They have cookies and ice cream, and of course, you can combine the two! If you are in a rush, you can call ahead and have your order ready. These delicious cookies range from classic chocolate chip to almond joy to Hope’s Royale®, which contains macadamia nuts, chocolate, and coconut. 

5. Besito 

Known best for their incredible guacamole made right in front of your table, this sit-down restaurant located in Suburban Station is one Main Line restaurant you must try. If you’re not too full from the endless chips you eat before your meal, Besito offers Iron Skillet Tacos and tasty enchiladas. They also have an incredible Happy Hour with delicious Mexican food and drinks. 

6. Tango

Another great sit down restaurant located in Bryn Mawr, Tango offers a variety of delicious meals including seafood, a plethora of tasty salads, and pasta with the option to substitute for gluten free. It is a great atmosphere for drinks and unique spins on classic American food. 

7. Barbacoa 

Last, but certainly not least, is Barbacoa. Yet another BYOB, this family style restaurant serves slow roasted chicken, pork, and brisket with classic sides of mac and cheese and coleslaw. You definitely won't want to share these massive portions with anyone else at your table. 

With this list of seven restaurants in your back pocket, get out there and taste test by culturing your palate with these Main Line restaurants.