Date night. Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’re basically married at this point, it’s an important part of the romance and sometimes Chinese food and Netflix just doesn’t cut it. If you’re in the mood for an intimate and delicious date night that you’ll never want to end, go to The Olive Branch.

1. The Atmosphere

Date Night

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The first thing you notice when you go anywhere is the way it looks. This place may not look like much from the outside, but as soon as you walk in the door you can feel it. They set the lights down low, there are string lights along the walls, and it’s on the smaller side. When you enter this quaint spot, you are no longer a student in here. No, you’re an adult on a romantic night out with your person.

2. The Service

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When I visited The Olive Branch with my partner, we were greeted by a woman who sat us at any table we wanted, and she also happened to be the server. We later found out that not only was she our server, but the owner and chef as well. She does everything and it’s great. You can’t beat talking with the chef about your food. She genuinely wanted us to love being here.

3. The Alcohol

Date Night

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They don’t serve alcohol. That’s because it’s a BYOB, which is awesome because you don’t have to spend your entire week’s paycheck just to get a nice glass of wine. Instead you could spend a fraction of the cost at the liquor store for the entire bottle.

4. The Style

Date Night

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This isn’t a regular restaurant. It’s a tapas place. For those of you who don’t know what that is, “tapas” means “small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar”. You order multiple things off of the menu, and they’re smaller plates that you normally share. Basically, you’re eating amazing appetizers all night.

5. The Food

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If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be this amazing woman’s Bacon Wrapped Dates. I was unsure if I really wanted them when she suggested it, but once they were on the table and I tried one, I was sold. It literally melted in my mouth. The lobster mac and cheese was also delicious, but I was so full that I had to get it to go. I proceeded to leave the box on the table when I left. And it was terrible. Thanks to @jaymief for this amazing picture of red velvet cake.

SpoonTip: Here are some mac and cheese ideas if this catastrophe ever happens to you.

6. Not Just Dinner

Surprise, the woman who can do everything also does breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served only on Sundays, and lunch is Tuesday through Saturday. It’s absolutely cheaper, and it’s comparable to your mom’s famous big breakfast with the family. You feel that comfortable at this place. It’s not exactly “date night”, but it’s less intimidating too if you’re just starting out, or you don’t have the funds for a splurge. You can get a similar breakfast that @lindsayymelton graciously posted a while back.

7. Feeling the Love

Date Night

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The reason everyone goes on dates is to get to know the person you’re with. If you’ve been with your partner forever like I have, it’s a way to get back to the butterflies in your stomach. With the lights down low, a bottle of wine, an intimate dinner, and possibly the love of your life sitting across from you, this date night is going to be the best you’ve had in a long time.