Anyone that has been to Portland, Maine knows that while it’s a small city, it’s a city that knows food. Whether this destination is a 2 mile, 100 mile, or 3,000 mile drive from where you are at this very moment, if you are a foodie you must make the trip right now. Portland has the best of basically every food you can think of, and of course, that includes donuts.

The donut shop in Portland that stands out among the rest is called The Holy Donut. It’s a small family run company that you will fall in love with as soon as you step inside. From delicious donuts to the quaint ambience of each of its two Portland locations, traveling to The Holy Donut is a wonderful and unique experience every time.

You do-NUT know what you’re missing, and here’s why!

1. The Secret Ingredient: Maine Potatoes


Photo by Walker Foehl

That’s right, these donuts have potatoes in them, which probably accounts for why they are doughy, moist, and insanely tasty. Even after my first bite I could see how this ingredient (seemingly odd for a donut) worked so well and made it different than the other donuts I’ve tasted. I wanted more and more.

The owner, Leigh, who I got the chance to meet, explained to me the story of the potato ingredient. She had been craving something sweet and savory when she experimented with adding potato to her donut recipe. Quite the game changer. Out came the heavenly “Holy” Donut.

2. Endless Flavors


Courtesy of Craftycoin Instagram

I’ve always wanted to try a Maple Bacon donut, and I finally got the chance at the Holy Donut. This is only one of the twenty unique flavors available daily at the Holy Donut. Others include Pure Vanilla Glazed, Pomegranate (super Insta-worthy – the pink really pops), Chai Glazed, Sea Salt (their most popular flavor) and my personal favorite, Dark Chocolate Vanilla glazed. You really can’t go wrong.

3. Gluten-Free Options


Courtesy of Meg Fortier

No one has to miss out on these tasty treats – they even have choices for those of you who are gluten-free. They offer a variety of gluten-free flavors such as, Cinnamon Sugar and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. Now everyone of all preferences and dietary needs can enjoy the deliciousness!

4. All-Natural Ingredients


Photo Courtsey of Maine Biz

Here’s the inside scoop from the Holy Donut’s manager, Leigh (pictured above):

“We use the best scratch ingredients possible (unbleached flour, Maine potato, local butter and buttermilk, real sweet potatoes, berries, and high quality dark chocolate, to name a few) to make a donut that tastes great and isn’t loaded with junk. I started the business 5 years ago when I was craving donuts! I couldn’t find one made according to my high standards, so I started the business to fill the void.”

Amazing ingredients for an even more amazing donut!

5. Huge Sizes


Photo By Walker Foehl

You will definitely feel satisfied after indulging in one (or two or three) of these donuts due to the large size. You don’t need to order a dozen to be satisfied, although I highly suggest you do because if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to take bites out of all of the different flavors.

6. Homemade Coffee to Accompany Every Donut Flavor


Photo by Emily Renkey

They also have a homemade “Holy Donut” coffee that goes perfectly with their donuts. A slight hazelnut tint in the coffee brings out the flavor of each donut. Grab a cup of their delicious coffee to go along with your donut and you’re set for the day.

#SpoonTip: For the best selection of donuts and guaranteed fresh hot coffee come in before noon, they sell out fast!

7. Donut Cakes


Courtesy of Leigh (owner of The Holy Donut)

As if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Holy Donut makes their own version of a cake (and, you guessed it, it’s made of donuts). Choose your favorite donut and they will be stacked up on one another to form a pyramid of deliciousness, topped with sprinkles if you choose. This is a perfect alternative for your one friend that doesn’t do real cake, but (obviously) likes donuts. Everyone’s sure to love this donut stack of heaven!

SpoonTip: Pre-order this cake for a special birthday or event so that all you need to do is swing by and pick it up the day of.